DiabloWikiBashiok, awakened from his long slumber, continued his angry bear-like rampage through the B.net forums, stealing honey and dispensing replies to all comers. Well, two of them, at least.

    The first let us know that the D3 Team is fine with rushing, though he didn’t share any details about a an oft-debated issue; how to allow some fun twinking and and rushing, while preventing the exploitative type that results in Secret Cow Level games full of Clvl 7 leeches.

    I realize this topic has been around before in various forms. It’s not really a post asking if people do or don’t want rushing (The posts below go over that conversation), I’m curious if Blizzard has responsed one way or another if they plan on preventing/slowing rushing down in any way.

    Bashiok: For most people there are two forms of “rushing”. One is essentially playing on bugs to skip content that isn’t intended to be skip-able. The other is either using your previously acquired wealth to twink a new character, and/or have a high level character help run you through the content.

    Rushing through use of unintended mechanics or bugs to skip content is not something we’ll support, of course, and ideally we’ll fix any such issues should they crop up.

    Outfitting a new character with better items and having a friend with a high level character rush you through content, we’re totally fine with. While, yes, we could be sentimental and hope that you’re really interesting in experiencing the content at the pace and balance we worked hard to achieve, having a friend rush you through content is a positive social experience. Having them help you hit a level where you’re both able to tackle content that’s relevant creates a positive social experience. Regardless of the intended pace, it’s co-operative play, and that’s not bad.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok let us know that DiabloWikisalvaging will be essential for DiabloWikicrafting.

    Will crafting DiabloWikimaterials like scraps and essence be obtained only from salvaging items, or can they drop from creatures and DiabloWikichests? I’d think it would be cool for them to occasionally appear with loot. Monsters probably have various parts and materials on their person. I’d also like it if sometimes materials would appear from destroyed doodads. I’m not saying the characters would have to go mine for reagents, but it would make it feel a little more organic. Like these materials can actually come from somewhere.

    And before someone asks, everything would still be random. You might get a fallen tooth from a statue, or a piece of wood from a fallen.

    Bashiok: Some can and will drop, but it won’t be in quantities or types sufficient to craft all items. Meaning you will need to salvage items you don’t want to be able to make the ones you do. We want that to be a decision, to choose to break an item down to crafting components, and not allow making sweet loots just through a slow collection of reagents over time.

    Since junk items drop constantly in Diablo III, and it’s very quick to pick them up and toss them into the HD (Horadric dumpster), it seems like every char will very shortly have vastly more of the common materials than they’ll ever need or use. Thus common materials, of the type Bashiok says will sometimes drop, will probably not be worth picking up. It’s only the uncommon materials that we’ll value, since shortages of those are what will limit our use of the top crafting recipes.

    If those assumptions are true, then common materials dropping will 1) not be worth picking up since you’ll have so many already, and 2) be what Grug said; simply to make things feel more organic. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s purely flavor; as useful as the tiny stacks of gold that dropped from some quests rewards in D2.

    I would argue with one point, though. I think the material drops should be logical, not random. Why would a Fallen tooth (or piece of DiabloWikibone, which is a known DiabloWikimaterial) drop from a statue? Unless it’s a bone statue. If materials are going to drop, DiabloWikiwood should drop from wooden objects, cloth from cloth objects, etc. We won’t be picking them up anyway, so they might as well be logical in their origin, rather than going the “polearm from a cloud of mosquitoes” style we saw in D2.

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