Blue on PvP Modes and Attribute Boosts

Bashiok fielded a couple of questions last night, via various social media. The first came on the forums in a reply to a request for more PvP variety.

I wanna see more pvp modes.</font

We’re currently focusing entirely on the team deathmatch arenas, as well as the potential for custom arena games. But we have had a number of PvP mode ideas and plans over the years, and it’s possible we may revisit them in the future.

Translation: More DiabloWikiArena maps/modes in the DiabloWikiExpansions!

Elsewhere, there were a couple of tweets worth quoting. Here’s @Diablo on attributes and the ongoing facebook hostage situation:

excluding the talisman/charms and items, how will we be able to affect our char’s stats/attributes?—Kru5h1
Traits are the other big one. Otherwise the only other way would be temporary increases from buffs and such.—Diablo

How many followers do you need to reach before you release the GAME?—simonnelson

We’re still working on the system that directly connects Facebook ‘likes’ to the completion of the game.—Diablo

Can we hope that “likes for works” program will involve low level electric shocks?

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  1. From that what I can say is that D3 is aimed firmly at end of 2011 barring any major problems, and it seems from the beta comment that they are expecting D3 to be beta ready by there next “conference call”.

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