Bashiok made a few replies to a DiabloWikiPvP thread, reinforcing what the devs have said previously about PvP being balanced… but not *that* balanced.

    This game should be balanced around 1v1. class A should not be able to kill class B just because that class is meant to. diablo 2 was pretty good with this unless you were a barb, and barb vs barb character would join.

    Bashiok: We intend to get PvP as balanced as we can, because we want it to be fun and have some meaning to it. But, PvP balance is not an integral goal to releasing the game. We want PvP to be fun, not necessarily balanced to a razors edge. With the huge number of combinations per character compounded by team comps, balance is not going to be something we’d hold the game for. If we did it might never come out. It will be balanced as much as we realistically can expect before releasing the game, and we’ll certainly continue to make changes to try to keep it fun and interesting.

    Is it just me or did he just completely side-step the issue?

    Bashiok: Hah. I thought I was in the esport thread.

    BUT the issue being discussed is the RPS scenario where: A > B > C > D > A arises…

    Bashiok: I don’t think it could happen. The breadth of customization doesn’t allow for it. I think there are likely to be some inherent weaknesses in a basic character (low level fighting will likely have obvious counter weaknesses), but at a moderate level each one has so many tools to choose from I just don’t see it being a possibility.

    It won’t take long for people to figure out what is “best” when weighed against class composition for their team. They’ll do this by min-maxing.

    Bashiok: Hard counters only exist in 1v1. Obviously there will be some group comp that’s considered ‘best’. That has nothing to do with designing or not designing classes for rock paper scissors.

    As Jay Wilson has pointed out, this sort of thing is why they’re designing the DiabloWikiArena around team play. 3v3 games (with multiple rounds per match) will allow teams to evolve strategies during each match to cover for each others weaknesses. 1v1 won’t be perfectly balanced, but it certainly wasn’t in D2, and plenty of people still had fun with it.

    I’m really looking forward to the PvP in D3, even with the unfortunate decision to restrict DiabloWikiHardcore to single fall/instant death. (Meaning that all HC players will have to make normal chars for 99% of their PvP play/practice, and that we’ll never see any meaningful HC team dueling.)

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