This blue reply wasn’t especially news-worthy, but the OP’s comment almost made me cry, so I had to news it up.

    As I’m playing my monk, and therefore accidentally picking up EVERY trash item in the vicinity of the monster I’m fighting…I’ve realized something. It’s much easier to swap the gear you’re wearing than it is to drop items – and that doesn’t make any sense to me.

    What if you switched the mechanics…what if right clicking an item auto dropped it, and conversely you’d have to drag that item to the slot to wear it?
    Nevalistis: This is an interesting idea, and your logic is certainly sound. Though I think initially I’d accidentally vendor a lot of valuable gear until I grew accustomed to it. =X

    I’ll pass it on. Are there any other quality of life changes you’d like to see?

    The issue the OP complains about used to afflict my Monk play (solution below in #3) and it’s caused by the game wanting you to put one of your main combo attack skills on the left click, which is also your “pick up an item” button. All classes have this problem, but it’s especially bad with Monks in the default control scheme, since you have to click the LMB constantly at very close range enemies and that makes it impossible not to accidentally click on junk on the ground.

    how-about-no-bearThat said… no, no, no, no… no. Do not want right click auto-drop. I guess if they made it configurable with an on/off that might work, but of course they never would since noobs would turn it on by accident and then make QQing blue posts about how they dropped their best items by accident, and wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, etc…. *sigh*

    Bigger issue; this is dumb. So there’s a game mechanic that causes you to accidentally pick up a ton of junk, and the proposed solution is to tack on another game mechanic to make that junk easier to drop? Flux says no. En-oh. The solution is to change the initial game mechanic so you don’t pick up junk in the first place.

    Solution #1) A /nopickup command.

    The obvious fix is a /nopickup command which fans have requested forever and which would have been in some fan-made UI mod by about May 17th, 2012 if Diablo 3 allowed modding. Players would configure that so their left click only picked up sets and legendaries, or Rares also, or whatever you wanted or didn’t want to pickup. You could bypass the limit of course, with Ctrl+Left Click or whatever, if you did want to pick up something usually on your /nopickup list. This has come up repeatedly in questions to the D3 devs and they’ve always said they won’t put it in, for reasons no one outside of the dev team is clear about.

    Solution #2: Remove skills from the LMB.

    Another fairly obvious solution is to put more freedom of UI control into the game and allow players to assign their skills to whichever buttons they wish. We can remap the default 1234 now, (which I strongly recommend, to ASDF is easiest, unless you have an extra thumb on the outside your left hand which lets you hold the shift key while still reaching the 1234 keys) but the game does not permit us to remap the LMB and RMB to keyboard buttons. (Players in comments recommend changing Shift to Tab, which would also work.)

    I’d love to un-map skills from the LMB and use that button purely for movement and clicking on chests and doors. That wouldn’t directly fix the accidental pickup issue the way a /nopick command would, but it would preserve us from having to endlessly left click as an attack skill, which is what leads to the annoying trash pickup in the first place. (I pitched this change to Wyatt Cheng in an interview this summer and he was sympathetic but couldn’t offer any odds on this change ever actually happening.)

    Solution #3: Put your main attack skill on the RMB.

    This is the current workaround, which I strongly recommend to anyone who picks up junk items by accident, such as the tragic, sausage-fingered, Monk-playing, OP… use DiabloWikiElective Mode to put your main melee attack skill, the ones usually in the Primary skills group, the ones you must actually target an enemy with and click 5000x a battle, on the RMB instead of the default LMB. That control method works INFINITELY better than leaving it on the default left click, and it makes me very sad that some players, as demonstrated by the OP in the Blue post, don’t know it yet.

    Click through for details on solution #3, plus the sweeping conclusion…

    This isn’t a cure if you’re using two main, must-target, attack skills, like a dual-combo Monk. But for most builds of the Monk and almost all other classes, you’ve only got one Primary skill which requires you to point right at enemies and click on them. And in every instance you’re better off putting that skill on the RMB and putting a Secondary skill or one of your support skills on the LMB.

    For the Monk, skills like DiabloWikiExploding Palm, or DiabloWikiTempest Rush, or DiabloWikiFor Whom the Bell Tolls, work much better on the left click. You only use them once in a while, you can hold Shift to target them on open space, you can LMB right at an enemy to aim them directly. As for the RMB with your main attack…. just hold it down and move around with that button. If you point your cursor within range of an enemy you’ll auto-target them and hit until they’re dead, and it will keep acquiring new targets indefinitely. You can go from clicking 500 times per battle to clicking once per battle, never picking up any junk by accident, and you’ll fight more smoothly since you never misclick and just run to some open space instead of attacking the monster one pixel to the left, etc.

    Before I figured out this much superior control system I used to dream of a /nopickup, or just about anything that would enable me to play the game without having to open my inventory and toss out half a dozen white items every two minutes. Since switching the combo to my right click that has never once been an issue. I pick up more junk by accident with my WD or Barb than with my Monk, and that’s in the range of 2 or 3 items for an entire Act clear. But I still want a /nopickup command!

    Blizzcon RoS demo bonus tidbit: I didn’t really notice the control limits while playing my first 6 or 8 games as the Crusader at Blizzcon, but the first game I played with a Monk I lasted about 20 seconds of inefficient left clicking DiabloWikiFists of Thunder before hitting Esc to change the damn controls… and then giving out a small sob when I remembered I was on a demo machine where the Options controls were all disabled.

    The lack of Elective Mode was really annoying with the Wizard and Demon Hunter as well, since having to use the terrible default 1234 keys made regular tapping of Shift impossible. I’d almost forgotten how much harder the game is with the default controls, but trying to use DiabloWikiHungering Arrow or DiabloWikiBola Shot on the LMB without being able to reach Shift really sucks. I’m so used to just firing in the direction of enemies while I keep moving, but on the demo machine I had to actually target things directly, or keep sliding my hand down to shift and then back up to the 1234 row. And every time I missed a click I’d suddenly run in the direction of the enemy I was trying to run away from…

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