A forum poster brought up one of the oldest issues about DiabloWikiMagic Find in Diablo III; the issue of some MF-loaded character not pulling their weight in monster killing, kicking it in the back row during combat, and yet still scoring full item rewards thanks to the no-ninja drop system in Diablo III.

    Past suggestions for this problem have revolved around item drops being triggered by some minimum damage dealt, or item rewards for the characters who deal the most damage, or “kick” options to let players boot non-performers from multiplayer games. Blizzard doesn’t like any of those solutions, since they’d be a lot of work to implement and don’t guarantee that they’d fix the problem anyway. What did Bashiok say about it, though?

    It’s a recognized issue, just not one that has been attacked and a final design solution proposed/implemented.

    We have short list of primary design values for Diablo III, and one of them is ‘Do no harm to co-op.’

    Whatever solution we end up at it cannot compromise the desire to play with others, either through literal disadvantages, to social situations that cause frustrations through griefing, mistrust, people ‘pulling their own weight’, etc.

    Some of that we simply cannot control. It’s an online game. You’re going to end up in some undesirable situations no matter how hard we try, but we can at least try to minimize them to being inconsequential by ensuring the game mechanics do not allow inherent misuse at a detriment to the co-op experience.

    Bashiok’s words aren’t even an attempt at a solution, but that’s probably because there isn’t one. It’s unclear that any software can fix this issue, and since the devs (and most players) are fans of the DiabloWikiMagic Find property, they’re not simply going to remove MF. That wouldn’t necessarily help anyway, since you’d still have freeloaders and lame people in party games, though at least you wouldn’t feel they were getting an extra benefit by freeloading on your hard work.

    Play with your friends, create a new game and don’t invite the lazy back row player, etc. Social engineering seems the fix to this possible problem, if it’s even a problem that needs fixing.

    Elsewhere, a fan points out that the World of Warcraft special prize for DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Collector’s Edition buyers, the Fallen Shaman pet, is going live in the new WoW patch. Which seems odd with the D3CE still months (?) from release. Bashiok replied:

    Diablo III was originally shooting for a 2011 release. No reason to hold the bonuses back too though if they’re done and ready.

    But um… don’t you need a special code to enable the pet to your account? And you can only get that code inside your copy of the D3CE? I guess Bashiok’s right, though. If the pet is finished in the content, they might as well patch it in. Even if no one (other than maybe Blizzard employees or PTR dataminers) can enable the damn thing, yet.

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