A couple of fans asked good questions about item sharing in parties and got a good replies from DiabloWikiBashiok.

    Just out of general interest.. Will we be able to type /roll in-game and have a random number between 1-100 pop up? Might be useful for some situations.

    I think it could actually be useful in cases where you’re playing with … say, two barb friends and some amazing axe drops they’d both want.



    I haven’t heard of any intent to implement, but I sort of like it… so maybe I will use one of my Diablo III wishes.

    While we’re talking about it, there’s some stuff that came up at diii.net:

    Do you know if drops will show up in the chat window anywhere, and if you can link loot in the chat window? If not, I and many others would probably beg the team for item linking. That should be a mandatory feature in every single online game with items. >.<

    We really want item linking through chat, I think it’s one of those things that is universally agreed upon. I’d be shocked if it wasn’t in for ship. And I’d make a face like :O

    There needs to be a way to show people in the game an item you just got without opening trade or dropping it.

    As the posters reference, all characters in the game see only their own item drops. You don’t see what everyone else is getting, and they don’t see what you’re snapping up. Let’s be honest, though. Talking about this feature for easier sharing with friends is sweet and all, but do you want it for that? Or to show people the Windforce or a Grandfather you just scored? Ideally there will be a way to instantly show everyone on our friends list, but I’d settle for just pissing off the people in my immediate game. Remember, they can’t go hostile anymore, so why not? *cough*

    More practically, it’s like the posters and Bashiok say. You need a quick and easy way to show others what you just found, to ask if they want it, if they need it, etc. Just don’t use it for too much evil, and just give us a way to block/squelch, should we grow tired of sharing in the joy of every single cracked sash found by the spammy neckbeard in our public game. Pretending to care about someone’s baby pictures is bad enough in real life; no one needs that in their digital escape too.

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