Bashiok posts regularly on the B.net WoW forums, but seldom with anything of interest to us. Seldom doesn’t mean always though, and thanks to thanks to FriskyDingo for pointing us to one from Friday that’s relevant to our interests.

    That’s kind of the point of … points (justice/valor). Even if you’re not getting what you want you’re eventually getting what you want. More or less. You’d also be blowing out drop tables to a pretty insane degree. Not too bad for a game like Diablo. Pretty bad for a game like WoW.

    Also that system of allowing any boss to drop any item in Diablo II really encouraged some very bad forms of gameplay. It devolved into doing ‘runs’ of the easiest or most efficient bosses. Not exactly interesting. It’s something we’re actively trying to avoid repeating with Diablo III, and not something we’d want to encourage in World of Warcraft.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok earned a laugh from me with a one word reply to (the title of) a long forum post about how great PKing was in D2 and how D3 had better not change that. The below only quotes a few excerpts from the OP, since it goes on and on. Click the Blue Tracker link if you want to feel the need to read the whole thing.

    Will PK be ruined forever?

    As we all know, Diablo 2 PK (player kill) is extremely fun. It has kept me on the game for nearly 10 years running now… I fear Diablo III will be kind of like WoWs extremely lame PvP system of arenas and BGs. If this happens I will not even bother purchasing the game… In my opinion the best part about Diablo II is PK and trash talk. Dominating your foes and grouping up with friends in non stop fight to the death action… if Diablo III ruins PK as we know it, which is what in my opinion separates then fun of D2 from the lameness of WoW where babys cry about fairness, then I have no reason to play.

    Bashiok: Yes

    The whole “welcome to 2008” element of the OP was confusing; how could anyone following D3, when their main interest is PKing, not know about the DiabloWikiArena, or have caught one of the numerous mentions that there will be no non-consensual DiabloWikiPvP in D3? That the PK fan’s name is Darth[evil] was good for a bonus eloel. He sounds like Dr. Darktalon Raven Blood’s D2 sidekick. When creating a PK name, there’s a fine line between ominous and self-parody… and that guy crashed right through it.

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