Blue on Hurried Diablo 3 Beta Patches

Bashiok offered a couple of replies to some fan complaints about their apparent rush to release D3, judging from the recent pace of changes in beta patches.

Some of the stuff thats been done in Beta 10 is cool, trimming the fat per se. Other changes it feels like you’re trying to meet the Q1 window because of outside pressure, which is something Blizzard has been notorious for never caving into.
Contrary to popular belief we absolutely want to release games. When we say “we won’t release a game until we think it’s ready” that means we’re going to make sure the systems are solid, and it’s as bug free and stable as we can realistically expect of ourselves.

Ideas about design, our experience, player tastes and technology never stop moving forward, so when we refer to our game development process it doesn’t mean we’ll actually keep developing a game forever to have anything and everything we can ever imagine in it. We’re going to at some point have to say “this is it” and get it into your hands.

I see the haste in the latest changes. I sense changes for changes sakes. The Login screen text for username is now out of scale with the rest of the graphics.

The graphics for potions has been changed in the inventory from a bottle to a vile, yet it still drops at a bottle? Seriously, out of all the fine details that have been fleshed out – it looks sloppy. Items are generating incomplete indexes with missing affixes in the titles.
The beta is privy to many in-process changes. If we made every beta patch perfect before releasing we’d be here for years. Part of the beta process is pushing out a build because you need X feature tested, and we don’t care if Y and Z aren’t done yet.

Sounds like a bit of, “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” going on here. Most fans complain about things taking forever, and yet when Bliz doesn’t dot ever T and cross every I on a beta patch, that’s also fodder for complaints?


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  1. Sounds about right. But I don’t think universal popularity was ever a realistic goal.

  2. Blue text without a release date is just meaningless waffle now.

  3. And yet they claimed that the beta was just to test only. Seems like they’re now testing out their new game concepts too.

    Hey Blizzard, if you doled out some more invites, you might get more testing done!

    • You’d be a muppet if you didnt think they were testing everything in the beta.

      Just like everyone bitching that its taking too long, then bitching that they are trying to get it out faster now.

      • the stated purpose of the beta was to test networking, server infrastructure, different clients (pc, mac, notebooks)  
        it was not test skills or the AH or gameplay  
        they have a QA department and a company wide beta to do that

  4. It’s human nature to complain…

    Btw, all the quotes and such are terrible to read on a phone. Maybe something to look into? (Notcomplaining though :-P)

  5. The thing is, they took their time for so, so long precisely because they wanted the game to be “perfect” and “not rushed”. Now, with this axing left, right and center, I for one honestly get the sense of “rushing”. So some of the questions are more like “After so many years, do you guys have to rush still ?”

    • yeah, it certainly seems at this point that they’re cutting stuff in an effort to make Q1 with the idea of adding things back in with expansions

  6. It’s mostly the part where Diablo 3 has been in development for 7 years, they’ve gone back and forth on their iterating, they’ve axed a shitfuck lot of shit, and still not only is the game buggy, but it’s also not even out.

    So right now of course there is going to be no pleasing any so called fans, they announced the game way too damn soon and we’re sick of their bullshit. When they release the game, even if it has a few bugs people are going to be happy with it unless it’s a shit game which if the quality of media released so far as well as the terrible story and addition of useless features and idiotic characters is anything to go by, it will be.

    • Bitter much?

      The game was only officially announced in June 2008. It hasn’t even been 4 years officially from the time it was announced. Sheesh people relax. If you’ve been a fan of Blizzard as long as you claim you’d know this is pretty much par for the course for them. 😛

      • go to youtube and search for 
        Diablo 3 (III) Barbarian Gameplay Part 2 (HQ) Official
        youtube dot com / watch?v=RT4K6e2q10g
        that was posted on July 5 2008, so that’s more than 3 1/2 years 
        it shows the Barb, the Witchdoctor, both male and female versions — with death animations ! 
        (oh yeah, those aren’t in the game anymore)

        so its not like they announced the game with words only; they showed a video, actual gameplay, with 2 classes
        so that shows that the game had been in development for quite some time already

        we all expected a lot more by now

        • And two location assets. From like 100. And probably no real mechanics envolved. No one can say was hero damage calculated or just floating random value as a temporary solution. All we saw was a working 3D engine with a bunch of content which is likely 1-2% of the final amount of work.

          • so you’re saying it was basically a choreographed cut scene ?  that all those monsters dying was scripted and programmed ? that all those skills weren’t dong any real damage ? 

            come on, 2 classes, both male and female, with skills, monsters attacking, monsters dying, destructible environments, and yes, a working 3D engine are all shown in that video 

            even if what you say is true, it still shows that the game has been in development for at least 4 1/2 years (unless you think they did the 3D engine and those animations in 6 just months), in which case its still been 4 years

  7. he means, like, they actually have been here for years, so wtf?

  8. Let the bugs stay! Let the bugs stay!

  9. lol gtfo @ all the weirdos complaining about rushing the game. It has been a shitload of years in development, yes blizz comes off as incompetent, yes I will buy the game, will I like it? I have no clue.

  10. There was no pleasing anyone from day one.  The second it was shown you had people losing their minds about one thing or another.   This is nothing new.

  11. “If we made every beta patch perfect before releasing we’d be here for years.” Well.. we are.

  12. “WTF? Blizard are so lazy. They are not even trying make things perfect. Is it to much to ask to get things right? They say its a beta test but we all no its a demo of the real game. Please blizzard, make an effort to do thing proparly. You owe us that much shurly.”

  13. “Dot every T and cross every I” I see what you did there 😀

  14. No death animations??? WTF I must have missed that shit. It just seems like the shit keeps coming down the pipe and we are forced to drink it.

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