Bashiok offered a couple of replies to some fan complaints about their apparent rush to release D3, judging from the recent pace of changes in beta patches.

    Some of the stuff thats been done in Beta 10 is cool, trimming the fat per se. Other changes it feels like you’re trying to meet the Q1 window because of outside pressure, which is something Blizzard has been notorious for never caving into.
    Contrary to popular belief we absolutely want to release games. When we say “we won’t release a game until we think it’s ready” that means we’re going to make sure the systems are solid, and it’s as bug free and stable as we can realistically expect of ourselves.

    Ideas about design, our experience, player tastes and technology never stop moving forward, so when we refer to our game development process it doesn’t mean we’ll actually keep developing a game forever to have anything and everything we can ever imagine in it. We’re going to at some point have to say “this is it” and get it into your hands.

    I see the haste in the latest changes. I sense changes for changes sakes. The Login screen text for username is now out of scale with the rest of the graphics.

    The graphics for potions has been changed in the inventory from a bottle to a vile, yet it still drops at a bottle? Seriously, out of all the fine details that have been fleshed out – it looks sloppy. Items are generating incomplete indexes with missing affixes in the titles.
    The beta is privy to many in-process changes. If we made every beta patch perfect before releasing we’d be here for years. Part of the beta process is pushing out a build because you need X feature tested, and we don’t care if Y and Z aren’t done yet.

    Sounds like a bit of, “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” going on here. Most fans complain about things taking forever, and yet when Bliz doesn’t dot ever T and cross every I on a beta patch, that’s also fodder for complaints?

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