Blue on Herding Plans and Stash Icons

A couple of quick blue posts on issues we’ve mentioned before, but which not everyone knows about yet. First, how do you get rid of the plan for a staff of herding since you can’t drop it or sell it?

So I find myself with a staff of herding recipe in my inventory, I can’t use it (Already have it) can’t drop it, and I can’t sell it. What can I do to get rid of it?
Lylirra: The DiabloWikiStaff of Herding recipe is currently bugged, so it’s kind of difficult to get rid of (i.e. put the recipe in your stash, create a new character, move the item to the new character’s inventory, and then delete the character). We’ve already got a fix planned, though, that will allow you to drop the item on the ground or “sell” it for 0 gold to a vendor.

See, this sort of thing is why I’m not a game developer, since I’d make it salvage into something else that also had no purpose, but that was mysterious. Basically the D3 version of the Standard of Heroes. Just to give the fans something to get all DiabloWikichat gem crazy over.

Customize your stash tabs.

Elsewhere, a fan points out something nifty; you can now customize the icons of the tabs of your stash. I had seen pics of that when v1.05 was new, but had forgotten about it until I read this post. So when I got in game tonight, I customized! Yes, my gems and other trinkets feel much improved by having a gem icon to match.

Not that we really need icons, with only three tabs. Remember when we were going to get a stash too big for human comprehension, and then we got 5 tabs, and now it’s only 3? Some fans did, and in reply Lylirra dug up the official explanation/excuse for this change, which was made during the beta test.

We reevaluated average character and account storage space requirements, and found it necessary to ensure we could handle what we anticipate will be a large amount of data very quickly after release.

Diablo III has both the benefit and disadvantage of having completely random items. Pretty much everything can roll up different affixes, if not a range of its benefits. That’s obviously great because the item hunt is what it’s all about, more randomization means you can keep chasing that perfect item, but that means the amount of data needed to describe an item is much, much larger than say, a World of Warcraft item, which is static and only needs a unique number to identify it.

For example. That number there at the end is that item’s unique number. That’s all we need to store to identify that item no matter where it is. A Diablo III item first has to say the base item, then each individual affix that it rolled up, then the ranges of each variable, and if it has any sockets. And we have to think about everywhere an item can be, an item on the ground is still an item, and so is an item on the auction house.

We obviously have room to grow if our projections are incorrect, or we just find that we eventually have the space. World of Warcraft definitely grew over the years, and that storage space didn’t appear out of nowhere (although it does seem rather magical at times). We find three tabs to be plenty for at least the initial release of the game though. Not counting the items you’re wearing (assuming they’re the best you have), and assuming worst case scenario of nothing but 2-slot items, you’d be able to hold 405 swords per region. That’s a lot. We don’t expect people to be storing 405 swords… hopefully ever, because that might indicate you have an obsession with swords, but at the very least there should be enough storage to start and then we can continue to evaluate as we go.

I’ll run a vote on stash size at some point, to see where the community stands. I always wanted much more space in D2 and had multiple mule accounts. But that was D2, where there was a reason to have more than one of each character. In D3 I was vexed by the stash shrinking, and I’d really like more space to save legendaries just for the memories. That said, 3 tabs no longer seems the horrible travesty it once did. I must have sold out.

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36 thoughts on “Blue on Herding Plans and Stash Icons

  1. I’d really love to have 4 tabs. I think it will come/happen when the expansion hits. More items, possibly new mechanics (like runes for Diablo 2 LOD) which require space in stash or inventory aswell.

    I just have a hard time keep my items seperate (not even the total space itself) for 5 characters next to the AH items and other stuff. So hard to see w

    • Adding a 4th tab in D3X and a 5th in D3Y seems a pretty logical increase, and such was the wide speculation back when they cut the number to 3 pre-game. As always with removed features pre-game, Bliz insisted they had no eye on future events, etc.

    • Blizzard originally developed the shared stash with 5 tabs and cut back to 3. It’s likely that they were planning for a maximum and then re-adjusted to a ‘will do for now’ settings, as Flux describes it.

      What you say though, is important to keep in mind: during (pre-release) developement, up to 35 slots had to be reserved for runestone items (5 colors x 7 levels), 28 additional slots for gems (rubies & sapphires x 14 levels) and god knows how many more slots for scrolls and whatever else materials the mystic’s enchantments required.

      Reversely, when modified versions of all these features are getting re-implemented in D3X2, you won’t necessarily have a lot more room for storing your gear. Also, expect to be collecting even more different gear sets for new classes by the time. The good news? You’ll have a lot of time to organize your stash until 2017. 😉

  2. D2 has unlimited stash space. Failing adding the same to D3, I’d be fine with it either expanding with no upper limit (like how you get three tabs in the first place, but without the three tab cap) or expanding to some high upper limit. Like 15.

    I dunno about the rest of you but I end up being forced to stop playing because I have a full stash of sellable stuff I haven’t gotten around to selling yet.

    • This is exactly my situation all the time. Diablo is all about creating a powerful character. Power comes in the form of gear. Gear is either found or purchased. So, purchase power (trading power) relies totally on the aquisition of gold. I hold onto items that I know will eventually sell for over 100k and … my Inv is full at all times;so are the extra character’s’ve created to mule items. I’m dissapointed by our limited space and need more stat.

  3. I’m not as worked up about the stash size as I once was, but I would like to see it extended to at least five tabs. Not so much because I have tons of stuff that I want to hang on to, but more for convenience. I’ve played almost exclusively as a DH until 1.05, but now that I’m playing around with the other classes more it would just be so much easier to have one tab for each class. Ideally there would be a sixth for gems and consumables (essences, potions, dyes, infernal machines, etc.), but I’m guessing that’s not very likely to happen.

    I’m curious how other people have their stashes set up. Mine, for example, has the first tab populated with things I’m likely to use (alternate gear for specific setups, twinks for planned or leveling chars, etc.). The second tab is for gems and consumables. The third is exclusively for things that I plan to sell (I do a fair amount of selling on the AH, but almost no buying). That’s the plan at least. There always almost seems to be a row or two set aside for some temporary purpose or another. I also tend to make mules for twinks or class specific gear, but I hate doing that as I like to keep and play a few HC chars and those ten character slots fill up quickly that way. Right now I’ll only make a mule if it’s a class that I intend to play fairly soon. Otherwise, chars that I’m not playing very often tend to get drafted into mule service.

    I know, I know… it’s not the most exciting topic, but it’s Sunday and there’s not much going on out my way at the moment. I have genuinely been curious about how other people do this for a while now, so if you’re bored… How do you have your stash set up?

    • 1. gems/potions/crafting
      2. dex gear at top, AH gear at bottom
      3. int gear top, str gear bot

      Still need to level a bunch of chars (Dota 2/work/iPad/Kickstarter taking up some time lately) so hopefully when I get some (more) 60’s I can free some space of that gear I’m keeping around.

    • I have gems/crafting/etc, some leveling gear for followers (yeah, I know I should get rid of most of those) and stuff I might auction on the first tab.

      Stuff I’m saving to use to twink a future character on the second tab. (This should decrease once I get the WD I just started to 60 since then I’ll have collected one of every class and won’t need to twink again until the expansion.)

      Stuff I’m not sure what to do with and some random MF gear on the third tab.

      I’m a pack rat both in games and in real life (in fact I’m somewhat discouraged at how similar D3 sometimes seems to my life as I try to find room to put everything and decide what to keep and what to get rid of) and since I played SP in D2 I was used to the unlimited stash in GoMule.

      I definitely could use a few more tabs. I like the idea of one for each class + one for gems, crafting, etc. but heck, I’d take even one more.

    • This is a depressing question for me, because I am still struggling with the glorious decisions the devs made to this franchise.

      Essences? Wtf is an essence in this game?

      I wish I needed space for things like essences. Or gems, potions, scrolls and elixirs. That would be a Diablo game.

      Gems? Much cheaper to buy than to craft, no point in picking up. They also don’t do much of anything in terms of variety, unlike D2. No Horadric Cube to transmute them, nothing.

      Scrolls? Didn’t make the cut. Looked good in the Gameplay Trailer from years past though!

      Potions? Are you joking?

      Dyes? That’s cute I guess.

      Legendaries? Well since you can’t make an actual build of anything in this game, have fun collecting the artwork.

    • I’m almost all self-found, so I have a lot of stuff saved for other classes to use. Initially I had the 1st tab all my alt gear, for MF vs. survival, with spare dex/str gear below that. 2nd tab has gems and mats and rings/amulets. 3rd tab was a mixture of lower level dex and int stuff, since my WD and Monk were both lvl 20ish for a long time and I was saving twinks for them.

      I recently leveled my WD to 60 and my Monk’s at 50, so that’s cleared out most of the 3rd tab as I used and then discarded all the sub-lvl 60 stuff, and almost all the lvl 50-60 Monk stuff is on the charcter already.

      Really, I need to do some housekeeping and cleaning, as I have multiple wands, daggers, claws, etc, that I just need to compare and figure which are the best on the char and chuck the rest. Though it vexes me throwing out quite useful end game stuff just b/c it’s not quite as good as whatever I’m wearing. Old D2 instincts to save stuff for multiple chars of the same class makes the D3 style feel so wasteful. (Even though I could just AH almost everything I’m using for 50k or less.)

    • 1. Mats, gems, pots.
      2. Temporary storage for stuff I find until I either mule, vendor or AH them.
      3. Legendaries and dyes.
      I also have a mule full of legendaries and a few more mules0 for twinking gear.
      What I wouldn’t give for them to at least quadruple the stash! You can never have enough space! Especially as I want to keep all the legendaries I find, minus the ones valuable enough to sell, of course.

    • 1st Tab – AH Possibles
      2nd Tab – Twink Gear / Alt DH Gear Sets
      3rd Tab – Gems, Consumables, Dyes
      1st Mule – INT Twink Gear for Wiz and WD
      2nd Mule – Dyes, Consumables, Legendaries, “Collectibles,” etc.

      While I would still like the Stash to be bigger, I would just like more room for items in general, whether the Stash is increased or not.  What am I implying by this?  Well… I think that, rather than increasing the storage capacity of the Stash, that Blizzard should consider either: A. Adding another 10 Slots to the Character Inventory, bringing the total to 40, or, and even better in my personal opinion…

      B. Give Followers an Inventory.

      Now, I’m not looking for anything crazy, like the ability to send them to town, or have a separate inventory for each of the three Followers, and I really wouldn’t care if the items in their Inventory couldn’t be accessed while in the AH either.  I just want a static Follower Inventory for each character.  But how much space?  While 22 Slots is the exact amount of room needed to hold two full Alternative Gear Sets for your character if you’re into that sort of thing, the two rows of 11 would just look odd, so I’d recommend someithing like 24 (three rows of 8) or the standard 30-Slot Character Inventory.  

      On top of allowing people to bring along Alternate Gear Sets without filling up valuable Inventory space, Twink Gear could be brought along and/or stored with your Followers for a specific character.  This would allow you to immediately equip it when you level up, compare with other items you may find while playing, and not having to memorize what Twink Gear you have; which slot, what level it is, what the stats are, what Stash Tab or Mule it’s on, etc.

      Overall, it would reduce the number of times you have to run back to town, and by being able to do some of those things while in a dungeon, you’re less likely to quit playing, because you will tend to feel more like you’re still in the middle of something, rather than being in town and wondering whether you want to bother going back.  You’re also likely to spend less downtime sorting items, looking through your Inventory, etc, because you’ll be separated from your Stash.  It sounds silly, but think about how often you ended up spending more time looking at, thinking about, and/or sorting items in your Stash that you probably weren’t planning on, or didn’t need to right away, when all you wanted to do was grab some items, or drop some off.


  4. I have a feeling that stuff like stash size or number of items you can actively have on the auction house is one of those things that Blizzard will specifically include only in an expansion pack. Ya know, just to nickel-and-dime you.

    Yeah yeah yeah, there’s technical reasons why these limitations are in place. Blah, blah, blah.

  5. I play pretty much only Hardcore. I have every class at lvl 60 as “mules” and backups in case my main dies.

    Unlike Softcore, it’s useful to keep a variety of gear at different levels to power up a new character when necessary… but as you can imagine that eats up plenty of stash space depending how many classes you want to hold gear for. At minimum, I keep a Born’s Defiance set, Cain’s Fate set, few decent rings/amu and a few inferno weapons with over 10 level req reduced.

    I’d definitely like more storage space in the box just to make things convenient.

  6. That excuse is the most retarded I have ever heard. There is no reason why a unique identifier cannot be generated to describe the items in D3. For example Sw100S102D8 could be used to point to a sowrd (Sw) with base damage of 100, strength of 102 (s102), dex of 8 and so on. The whole string can be stored in a text file ffs.

    There is nothing stopping people from generating mule characters with inventories and stashes fulfilling their storage needs. This takes up far more space than just adding extra tabs.

    That is just poor programming. Items on the ground taking up storage space. Pfft.

    • Poor programming indeed. Even a conservative estimate puts item size at no more than a kB. That’s less than half a MB for the entire stash of one player. Even assuming all of the 7 million players had filled their entire stash that totals no more than about 4 TB for every player total. I have nearly that in personal storage space on my PCs. I would think that the sum total of all of Blizzards servers could handle that and much more… They must be doing something wrong.

      • Yep, that’s the figure I came up with as well. Even if you double the size of the item string it wouldn’t max out most modern servers.

  7. I would really like to have more stash space. I am an item hoarder, and it is stupid, I know. I guess the habit is just something I have carried over from D2. I have kept most of the legendary/set items I have found, and eventually would like to have all of them. I am sure the people playing the game has now leveled off to the point where Blizz could let us add 2 more stash tabs and it would not be to much of a strain on the server space.

    I have went through my mules and cleared some space out. Anything that can have crit that doesnt gets tossed, as its a waste of space otherwise. There are exceptions, but not very many.

  8. I think three tabs is plenty for one character, but three tabs shared between 10 characters is way too little. (Or in my case, sometimes just 3 characters is too many for three tabs)
    I would personally rather have a separate stash for each character, and one ‘shared’ tab all my characters could access.

  9. To think about it, you can 1 tab for barb and randome items, 1 tab for monk/dh, 1 tab for wiz/wd.
    It’s all about getting rid of trash.
    Even if they make it 10 tabs, players will just fill it up with useless things.

  10. Would love more space. The stash is indeed quite small when you have multiple characters. Right now I have 2 characters full of legendaries and the stash itself has basically 1 tab for gems, keys, machines, dyes and crafting mats. The 2 other tabs I try to keep for loot that I need to sell and also right now leveling gear for my 10th char.

  11. Yeah, the stash is definitely too small.

    Playing self-found and progressing/farming with all 5 characters means that I either run out of stash room for possible upgrades or have to constantly swap characters at the end of a run to check/discard gear.

    Though I did clear out almost my entire stash today (Wizard hit 60, geared up with gear was holding for her, etc.), and it felt niiice.

  12. I would love to store EVERY single item that I want to keep, but you have to take what the game gives you. They say that “restriction breeds innovation”.

    I think 3 tabs are enough, until expansion comes out.

    • One can always use less tabs than more if there are more available, but one cannot use more tabs if less tabs are available.

      Just because three are enough for you does not mean three are enough for everybody. If there were 10 tabs, you can stick with three if you like, but people who need 10 tabs have to create mules.

      You obviously don’t play very often, or buy all your gear from the RMAH, because crafting mats alone take up one whole tab. A single A3 MF run fills 1.5 tabs (ID at end so you don’t keep people waiting), the rest has to house gear for several characters.

      Not. Enough. Tabs.

        • “Cubing” your own gear takes space. Upping gems to radiant stars takes up several stash lines per flavor, plus the pages and books to boot. That’s at least a 4×4 grid right there. Plus mats for crafting gear, dyes, staff components and pots for alts…

          Yeah, there goes one tab. Have any gear you are holding for guildies? Alt builds/chars? There goes another.

          Throw in an mf run and you are out of room before you can hit the AH.

  13. Of course 3 tabs don’t seem like the travesty they once did, because there’s hardly anything in D3 worth keeping lol, it’s all vendor/salvage trash….to create more trash.

  14. I’d like the stash to be larger. I should also get better at sorting stuff by AH-ability instead of keeping stuff that won’t AH and is not an upgrade though.

  15. Where does that “405 swords” number come from? The way I see it, my stash is 3 tabs that are 7×14 each. That’s enough room for 3 times 7 times 7 (147) 2-slot items. I come up 258 items short.

    I think she’s assuming you’re dedicating most of your 10 characters to mules, in which case, if the stash isn’t too small, then the character limit is too small.

  16. D3 is all about gold accumulation. The longer items sit in your stash, the less gold they are worth (with some exceptions for stackable commodities and very well rolled gear). The boring legendary design provides no motivation to keep anything that is not an upgrade for one of your characters.

    The stash size seems fine to me. It is highly unlikely that your full stash has nothing in it that should be turned into gold. If you somehow run into this problem, make a couple mule characters to handle overflow (or use a character you rarely play).

  17. Having 5 HC and 5 SC characters I cannot “mule” anything except some stuff on the SC side. 3 tabs is no where near enough for HC. Just keeping around a bit of gear for starting over on death takes up a tab for 5 characters. I have 1 tab in use for future items as I level up characters, which leaves 1 tab for crafting/gems/misc. 2 more tabs would have been about perfect. ::sigh:: I too wish there was more to collect and put together — the lost features really made the game “simpler” and “less RPGie”

  18. I personally would like to see an infinite tab system, with the cost becoming exponentially more expensive, the 6th tab costing 10 mill, the 7th tab costing 100 mill, the 8th costing 200-500 mill, so on and so on, make a formula so it just keeps getting insanely expensive, that way players with billions can get the stash they need, at a high cost, and it sinks gold like crazy at the end game.

  19. Taking things out of context, just because we got freedom of speech…

    We don’t expect people to be storing 405 swords…

    (…)item hunt is what it’s all about

    Ok, having 405 swords is a little too much. 405 item isn’t. My go mule/atma stash with rare/magical items have over 1000 garbage pieces inside. My uniques stash have over 1k items iirc and I, also, got over 500 runes.

    If the whole thing is about item hunting, it’s safe to assume that some people will want to keep stuff. Of course, I won’t demand infinite storage space whitout monthly fee. That’s why I like d2 sp mode and my muling application…

    Maybe it’s because I think with my red dragon side of brain when it’s about games, but when I look for stuff, usually I like to keep it. That’s the reason I was looking for stuff…

    Of course, I could keep only the stuff I need to wear on my characters. Game was beat with every class, I still need to kill some ubers, sure, to get the one ring. I don’t really need hellfire ring (actually, I do, but let’s pretend I dont :p), so I don’t need to search for it. I don’t need to look for anything else, actually – it will only increase my farming speed.

    Maybe it’s just me (and a bunch of people used to play d2 sp with muling apps), but the whole deal with finding stuff is to keep it – otherwise, you don’t need to look for it. Therefore, we need space, not for 405 swords, but for over 1k items, since item hunting is what the game is about.

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