Lots of Blue forum posts lately, covering all types of issues. Mostly stuff we’ve heard a million times before, but a few had semi-new-ish stuff, and they’re quoted here.

    A fan asked how long Diablo III would take to complete, and received the most shamelessly-evasive answer I’ve seen this year, courtesy of CM Kaivax.

    There are two big variables that prevent me from being able to estimate how long it takes me to play through the end of Normal difficulty: time spent maximizing my character’s effectiveness (standing around looking at gear, switching out followers and bringing them up to speed, etc.) and time spent playing with crafting/auctioning (leveling up the blacksmith, looking at what he can craft, selling and buying items, etc.)

    And in the higher difficulties, those variables can expand dramatically.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok informs us of an upcoming addition to the character window.

    Update: Bashiok edited his post after I quoted it, removing this mention. He apparently thought the poster was asking about min-max dmg display on weapons, not in the Char window. Apparently there are no plans to add it there.

    Damage per second (DPS) has many uses. But not having an option to view your “raw” min – max damage range is completely unacceptable. That is a MUST for the character screen.

    It would also be immensely useful to see the min and max damage per “skill” on your char. but i will settle for getting that added post-release long as we get our base min-max damage added to the char screen.
    Your wish has been granted! 🙂

    Click through for one more reply from Bashiok, and some discussion of Blizzard employee nicknames.

    Not to be defeated at his own game, Bashiok shows he too can answer a question while providing no actual information, when asked about upcoming waves of Diablo 3 beta invites.

    We’ll be continuing to people into the beta, yes. As far as who, what regions, or how many, that’s information we don’t release beforehand (mostly because we don’t know).

    If you recall a tweet from some weeks ago, Bashiok reveled in the fact that Chinese fans call him “Uncle B.” I happened to be speaking to a Chinese friend affiliated with Diablo3.cc a few days after that, and asked him if it was true. He said yes, that they do call Bashiok “Uncle B” sometimes, but that a much more popular nickname for him from Chinese Diablo players was “Tai Chi B,” since he never moved in a straight line or answered any question directly.

    Considering how awesome that nickname is… why don’t we have cool nicknames for Bashiok? Or Jay Wilson? Or the other devs? I mean besides my half-hearted effort of “LeBo” for Leonard Boyarsky? Would thinking up and popularizing such nicks be too weird and fanboy, like we’re sports fans?

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