Blue on Fury-less Barbarian Attacks

A fan asked a question about how the Barbarian will attack without Fury, and earned a reply from Bashiok:

If we attempt to use a barbarian skill that requires fury when we lack it all together, will the barbarian still make a regular attack attempt


So say I have DiabloWikiHammer of the Ancients on my right mouse button, and I’m cleaving and cleaving (I have DiabloWikiCleave on left mouse button) and I wanna own a fool BOOM Hammer of the Ancients but I actually didn’t have enough DiabloWikifury, so I will just normal attack. Cleave one more time, now I have enough fury, BASHAKAYAAAAAA Hammer of the Ancients and his head explodes.

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1 thought on “Blue on Fury-less Barbarian Attacks

  1. I had a problem seeing the shadow beasts for the demon hunter’s cluster arrow spell. Speaking of Gloop and Gleep from the Herculoids, my friend Wheez and I did a song a few years back that is posted on You Tube and was edited by a friend of mine.

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