A grab bag of Blue forum posts and Bashiok tweets about various other things in the busy busy news today. A fan asked about gold needs during the leveling process, and got a reply from CM Kaviax, who says more gold is never enough.

    As I’ve said before, gold is definitely the drop I want most while leveling up my char, and my followers, and my blacksmith, and my stash, and my gems.

    Even when it starts dropping in stacks of 200-400g, it’s spent before it hits the ground.

    Another fan asked if playing with Followers raised the difficulty (it does not), and got a reply from Kaviax about the Follower item shuffling mini-game.

    I love the followers. Keeping track of which pieces of gear they’re all wearing and moving around gems when you change out from one follower to another is one of my favorite parts of the game.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok chimed in with a couple of tweets about issues other than release date schedules:

    if I buy the digital download, and I get a new computer, will I be able to download another copy free if I uninstall the other one? –csears18
    Yes, you can download the games you own as many times as you like. –Bashiok

    Will we be seeing the stats on some of the Set/Legendary items before release? 😀 –Xalziz
    Unlikely. We’re holding all the updated game data until release. –Bashiok

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