Bashiok replied to a question about micromanagement of pets in Diablo III:

    Can you micro pets in D3?
    Does diablo 3 allow player to micro pets like in titan’s quest? like each pet is bind to a key, when you press that key and press anywhere the pet will run to that location. i just thought that this could add much more depth to sacrificial witch doctor builds- so anyone participated in blizzcon plz confirm this?

    Sort of. Direct control of their actions, no, but there’s a lot of thought and strategy that can go in to pet control far beyond just summoning new ones when the old ones die.

    Doesn’t this sound exactly like how pet control worked in Diablo II? Which isn’t a bad thing. I’m just saying…

    However, as we mentioned in a post about another unseen WD skill a few days ago, we still know almost nothing about the WD’s summons besides DiabloWikiMongrel. They might have very different AIs, and thus where and how you summon them could make a big difference in how they behave.

    I’m curious about the larger issue, though. Do you guys even want micro ability for pets in D3? Keep in mind that the WD isn’t a pure summoner; he’s always going to be using a lot of attack skills for his main damage, or at least as a hefty supplement to his pets. Any sort of micro required for pet control might just be a distraction and a detriment, given all the spells you’ll be casting?

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