Catching up on some of the recent blue forum action, with a couple of tidbits from Bashiok.

    Is the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter only about to use ranged weapons?

    The demon hunter isn’t restricted to ranged DiabloWikiweapons but is of course the core archetype of the class. It’s a bit early for determining usable weapons still, but I know at the least one-handers/DiabloWikishields are planned to be usable. And it’s likely there will at least be some traits that improve melee weapon use.

    Elsewhere, a fan points out the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor‘s DiabloWikiPoison Dart skill and gives DiabloWikiBashiok an opening to exult about DiabloWikirunestone effects.

    I just noticed for the first time, in this video at 37 seconds, that he shoots darts from a wooden tube. Sorry i don’t know the actual name for it, but thats very cool! They look like poison darts, and i wonder if you’ll be able to shoot ice darts or fire darts, ect.

    Snakes on a Face.

    It shoots snakes. Onto a face.

    Poison Dart was the WD’s only real attack spell to start with (that and the unimpressive DiabloWikiZombie Charger) and it was pretty unfriendly at the base level. One dart per shot, slow firing rate, not very damaging. However, once I stuck in an DiabloWikiIndigo rune, it turned into a dart machine gun, firing 4 green glowing missiles in rapid succession. They all went at the same target; it wasn’t Strafe reborn; but the killing power was increased exponentially, and when I could get multiple monsters in a row (a common state of affairs with the narrow walkways in the Blizzcon demo dungeons) the darts would often mow down 2 or 3 bad guys in a single burst.

    Granted, that wasn’t quite as cool as a dart gun that fired snakes, but as was the case with every skill I tried runestoning at Blizzcon, the results were instantly impressive. Imagine how fun it’ll be if we can get rapid fire multiple face snakes from a rune?

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