@Diablo answered a couple of questions about character allotments and the DiabloWikired target outline today.

    Bashiok’s post on point hoarding was fascinating. Re: his last line, how many character slots do we get? Enough for 2 of each class?—ojrac

    More than 10, probably less than 50.—Diablo

    We’ve seen Red Lines (Blizzcon) and Red Light (DH Gameplay) on target monsters. Which one will be in the game?—joaopcpinheiro

    Outlines. Them not appearing is a side effect of disabling the UI to capture screenshots/movies for promotional use.—Diablo

    The red target outline issue continues (inexplicably) to fuel a never-ending debate in our main D3 forum. I’d thought that once fans who played the game at this year’s Blizzcon brought back more “You really don’t notice it while you’re playing, except as a useful visual aid.” this controversy would die off. But no!

    The ranks of people who have not actually played D3, and yet think this feature will ruin the game since it’s occasionally obvious in screenshots, (especially in the DiabloWikiBattle Arena) may thin, but they are never fully-depleted.

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