Bashiok jumped in on a couple of threads in the B.net forums on Thursday.

    The first was a short reply to a much longer post/rant, in which EtherealUnity cited a bunch of screenshots and reasons why he finds the D3 visuals overly busy. Especially those of the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor‘s DiabloWikiFirebats skill. Bashiok’s reply wasted no words.

    I don’t find them to be very noisy. They’re in a controlled cone directly in front of you. It’s quite different than littering the screen with moving minions.

    Elsewhere, in a thread that asks, “what build are you planing” and isn’t actually a carpentry question, Bashiok shared an opinion studded with tidbits of DiabloWikiFury information.

    Hrm. Well currently I’ve been sort of thinking about a DiabloWikiWhirlwind build (not super original I know), but Whirlwind is a ‘draggable’ skill now. You can control it by holding down the mouse button and direct yourself around, same as walking around (although it’s a slower turn radius). Which makes it way more awesomer, obviously; the offset is it chews through Fury like woah.

    I want to see if it’s possible to make a viable infinite Fury regen build to feed it. Ideally truly infinite Fury isn’t possible, but the bigger challenge is the viable bit. Stacking regen is possible, but potentially sacrificing damage output or reduction could make it really boring, or just unusable.

    From his description of the skill, it sounds like Whirlwind now burns Fury per second, rather than costing X amount per cast (thus encouraging players to aim longer spins). WW has never been usable in a Blizzcon PvM demo, but it was one of the Barbarian’s skills in the PvP demo last year. I didn’t use it that much, since it was very dangerous to do so with the other team’s Wizards and WDs hurling out slow-motion debuffs like DiabloWikiGotD and DiabloWikiSlow Time, but from what I saw, it targeted just like D2; you clicked a spot and spun to it, and once you got there you could spin again to another target, or not.

    Also note Bashiok’s comments about stacking Fury regeneration bonuses. We know that life leech will be in the game, though presumably it will be a lot less powerful than it was in D2. But apparently there will be no resource leech? Otherwise there wouldn’t be much challenge to building a Barbarian who could use WW all the time. There certainly wasn’t in D2.

    It’s going to be such fun when we finally start to see how the itemization is set up in the game, so we can really plan char builds and strategies.

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