With the recent changes in Diablo 3 Beta Patch 10 we saw the re-adoption of the previous version of stats. The change created a rift between fans – those that felt this was finally a step in the correct direction, and those that believed that this was another step towards “dumbing it down.”

    Nakatoir has responded on the EU forums to doom-sayers, attempting to waylay the angst.

    This decision to change the core attributes and stats doesn’t limit build diversity because the same stats exist on items as before. If you wanted DiabloWikiprecision, now you want +crit, if you wanted defense, now you should aim to get DiabloWikiarmor. It is the same concept for all stats, if you wanted DiabloWikiattack, just go for your core class DiabloWikistat.

    What this change is intended to do is increase the item pool by making more items that are clearly not for your character, and subsequently making it easier for you to be able to determine if you should be using an item or not 🙂 If you are a DiabloWikiWizard and get an item with DiabloWikiStrength on it, you know immediately that this item is not really for you. It used to be that you would be sitting there analysing an item with +attack for a good 10 seconds or more only to figure out that it’s a bad item for you, but now it should only take a few moments to decide this.

    We assure you though; this change will not affect the amount of build diversity in the game 🙂

    Some have stated that this makes choices easy since you will always want to take your primary stat that gives two bonuses, taking DiabloWikiVitality as your secondary. According to Nakatoir, that’s exactly what they want – not necessarily that the choice is easy, but that you know when something is not good for you. Whether you will only want to focus on two stats for viability remains to be seen.

    We have yet to experience the end game and have not become privy to soft or hard caps for stats like critical chance, and it leaves room for the value of other stats that extend beyond your primary stat and vitality.

    How do you feel about the new stat system? Love it? Hate it? Don’t care?

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