Bashiok made a few early Monday morning forum posts as well as hitting the @Diablo. We never get any new anything on Monday mornings. In fact, that’s one reason we usually post a new podcast on Monday morning, since the news is always dead until Monday evening, if not Tuesday. Maybe something’s up?

    At any rate, his first post answered a couple of questions about DiabloWikiArmor Dyes.

    Most of the loot we’ve seen on characters in game is made of at least 3 or so colors. Will dye apply to only the items base color, or will the system be more intricate, allowing you to dye highlights/secondary sections as well?

    Bashiok: No, an item can only be dyed one color at a time.

    Bashiok posted that a strong possibility for “end-game” dyes would be a dye that didn’t change the colour of the item but the style of it (looking older, more ornate, darker etc.)

    Bashiok: There is little-to-no possibility of that happening for the release game. I was musing about how gear looks could be swapped around if we ever thought people were looking too similar at the very end game. In no way is it a system that’s currently being planned, designed, or even thought about.

    We kicked around some ideas for Armor Dyes during the new (coming later today) episode of TDP, since none of us were real thrilled by the “change the hue of one part of one item of your gear.” How about ultra rare (or quest reward, or Artisan recipe, or virtual prize from Blizzcon goodie bag, etc) dyes that make your character glow or appear to be on fire, or that add some bonus stat to the item they’re applied to, or that make your char change appearance, ala Trang’s full set?

    Elsewhere, Bashiok confirmed that the DiabloWikiSalvage Cube is actually called the Nephalem Cube, as rumored the other day.

    Bashiok, is it true? Is the salvage cube named the Nephalem cube? Would you mind clearing up the confusion you unfortunately created with the possible misinformation?

    It is indeed. I wasn’t aware Jay had said that.

    As I understand the lore implications, the humans in DiabloWikiSanctuary are the distant descendents of the Nephalem, the offspring of DiabloWikiLilith and DiabloWikiInarius. The first DiabloWikiNephalem had the potential to be hugely powerful creatures, stronger than the Angels or Demons, but over time their abilities waned, largely due to the Worldstone. It protected Sanctuary from large scale incursions from the High Heavens or Burning Hells, while simultaneously weakening the Nephalem powers of the humans.

    Now that the Worldstone has been destroyed, Sanctuary is open to invasion by the Angels or Demons, but simultaneously the humans should be able to start regaining their original Nephalem might. How these plot elements will be developed in the story of Diablo III is, of course, still a mystery. There’s ongoing discussion about it in a forum thread, if you want more.

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