DiabloWikiBashiok replied to a question about the size and pace of Act Four in the forums today.

    Why did act 4 only have 3 quests? Did they run out of time? will it be like this in d3?

    Bashiok: Whether Diablo II did it purposefully or not we very much like the feeling of accelerating toward the end of the game with gradually shorter acts as you go. I can’t yet speak for actual play time vs. what Diablo II provided, although we aimed to hit the same amount of time, I think we’re quite a bit over. In any case, we want the player to accelerate toward the final conclusion, so the last act will certainly be the shortest.

    If this gave you some deja vu, that’s because Bashiok answered virtually the same question last October.

    We looked at act length in Diablo II and came to some of the same conclusions, ?They ran out of time?. But when considering it further the intent of the act structure actually got shorter as you went, intentionally rocketing you toward the end of the game. It?s one of those things that makes game design hard to relate. It?s? it?s sort of like a movie score. If done right emotional music can make a scene feel ?better? or raise whatever emotion is being portrayed, but if you start scrutinizing the individual components, or just lose the immersion, it can come off as cheesy.

    In any case I think we?re estimating a longer game than Diablo II right now, regardless of actual comparable act size.

    I’ll give him points for being consistent in his replies, at least. Anyone want to get all analytical and try to conjure up some game design differences based on the slightly different emphasis Bashiok put on the various elements of these three trimester separated replies?

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