Blue of Few Words

Bashiok made a couple of short forum posts yesterday. Right to them.

First off, a fan wants to know in how many directions can Diablo III characters run? All of them!

Do the characters move in all directions or just 16 directions?

Bashiok: Right, characters aren’t rendered in one of 8 directions, so there’s no set character directions like Diablo II.

Elsewhere, FriskyDingo quoted my recent post in which I quoted Bashiok’s explanation about why Blizzard game developers will no longer post in the forums. And his post got a reply from Bashiok. If this were any more recursive we’d need a picture of a guy with cornrows!

The PR Stranglehold on Developers Tightens
Read the long quote from Bashiok about how a tradition of Blizzard Devs talking with fans won’t be seen again.

Bashiok: Hahaha, oh Flux.

We could run a contest for you guys to offer your best interpretation of Bashiok’s reply. I don’t know how we’d pick a winner though, since you can take virtually any meaning you like from his three words. Answer in haiku form?

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