Blue Info on Improved Drops and Boss Modifier Changes

A couple of Blue posts adding more info to the big v1.0.4 preview post from Friday. In the first a fan asks why DiabloWikiFire Chains and DiabloWikiShielding was the DiabloWikiBoss Modifier mentioned in the update, when there are other combinations as bad or worse.

Fire Chains and Shielding were only provided as examples. We looked at every affix and have made adjustments to more than just those two. For example, we’re giving players a temporary immunity to Fear after they’ve been Feared by a DiabloWikiNightmarish monster.

Keep in mind that the systems preview is more about explaining why these kinds of changes are being made, rather than detailing everything out line-by-line. (That’s ultimately what patch notes are for.)

Elsewhere, a fan asks about this line from the v1.0.4 preview, with added bold for emphasis:

So, in 1.0.4 we’re increasing the health of normal monsters by approximately 5%-10% in Inferno, but also increasing the likelihood they drop magic or rare items by a factor of four. We’re correspondingly lowering the health of Champions and Rares by 10-25% and editing specific affixes to shrink the difficulty gap. We’re still working on those numbers, but that’s approximately what we’re shooting for.

There’s debate about what that “factor of four” part means, and Lylirra hopped in to clear things up.

Just to clarify, we aren’t making any changes to the chance that an item will drop. Instead, we’re changing the quality of that item when it drops. And when we say we’re increasing the likelihood that non-Elite monsters will drop magical items “by a factor of four,” it means that those monsters should drop 4 times (or “4x”) the amount of magical items as they do now. It’s important to note, however, that this will only affect Magic items and Rare items.

So, for example, if doing a full clear of an area currently yields 500 items from non-Elites, it will still yield 500 items after 1.0.4. Whereas you may have only gotten 20 Magic (blue) items and 4 Rare (yellow) item from those non-Elites before, you’ll now get approximately 80 Magic items and 16 Rares.

Is this 4-fold increase being applied to Legendaries as well?
Negative, it only affects Magic items and Rare items (apologies for the confusion).

At last, moar Rares! You see so few of those in Diablo III, it’s nice they’re boosting the odds a bit.

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29 thoughts on “Blue Info on Improved Drops and Boss Modifier Changes

  1. Hmm, hoping the item or the MF blogs counter-act the sneaking suspicion I have, that unique items will not, in fact, be getting a drop rate increase.

    They already have a built in system of ensuring that most legendary items are going to be crap by virtue of random affix. Would it kill them to let more than 1 drop every 10 hours?

    • I’m hoping for a legendary drop rate buff across the board, which would make the normal mob drop rate buff redundant, but I guess I’m being too optimistic. Given how bad the drop rates for normal mobs are (~120 000 killed, 2 legendaries found) I’d be pretty surprised and/or disappointed if they didn’t change at all, especially if drops are skewed even more towards magic/rare items.

  2. Hey Blizz-peons, tell the devs the problem is QUALITY not quantity. So we’ll get 4 times more shit to pick through. We just got a +300% chance to shovel Bobby’s shit affix.

    • imo its BOTH quality and quantity that is lacking. if you compare it to d2 drop rates (esp. unique/legendary, set items) its a total joke.
      which i suspect it will continue to be..

  3. “we’re giving players a temporary immunity to Fear after they’ve been Feared by a Nightmarish monster”

    I hate getting Feared when I play my Barb

    I’m a freaking Barbarian !
    Barbs don’t run away from battle. They Leap and Charge TOWARDS the battle !

    But here I am panicking and running away uncontrollably.
    It’s just so WRONG !

    • While I agree, being repeatedly forced to run away like a scared little school girl is not my biggest complaint. My biggest complaint is not having any control over direction. Being forced in a random direction, unable to deviate from the assigned vector which runs you down the length of an arcane turret beam and kills you is BS, especially when, before the fear, you were not any where near the ffffing thing.

  4. An increase in legendaries would be nice, but having usable legendaries is more important imo. I just found another highest tier legendary weapon and having it be crap is just so depressing.

    • yeah I agree, I can’t use any of the ~20 legendaries I have because 90% are shi.

      I would gladly farm 30+ hrs for a usable legendary, instead of 6-7 hrs for a crap one.

  5. Based on the change they made to Nightmarish, I rather like the direction they’re going in.

  6. it’d more about how they deliver the info in a cheerful manner: “Awesome news guys! Legendaries are explicitly excluded from the drop rate buff. Hope this helps!”

    You don’t even get a hint from her that she’s aware how bad the news she delivers is or she might do it with
    more tact.

    Does that clear up why I said that now?

    • I don’t have a problem with Set/Legendary pieces being very uncommon on white mobs. The question is how they drop off of champs/elites.

  7. Legendary drop rates feel ‘fine’ to me, but under the assumption they are as good as great rares. The rate doesn’t need to go up, just the quality of the legendaries do.

  8. The change to nightmarish is welcome, but should also apply to other cc effects. Why can’t they add a chance for cc to break when you receive damage?? Chain cc into death is not fun.

    Also, I think they need to look at molok, shaman, and subjugator projectile attacks, esp on elites with elemental modifiers.

  9. So there’s still no reason to kill trash mobs as I’m running from champ to champ? Awesome!

  10. Yeah, it’s funny that the problem has never been the amount of rares you find in inferno. The problem is that the rares you DO find suck 99% of the time. They need to buff quality, not quantity.

    • I know. Once I have 5 NV stacks, even with no other MF, rares fall at every champ pack. It’s the fact that I have to vendor trash them all that is the problem.

    • I agree. It’s items lacking the “OoOooOoOO SHINY!” feeling that’s really missing from D3, when the overwhelming majority of them suck. Far too many of them aren’t viable, sellable, nor upgrades.

      Gambling ain’t addicting if you feel like you have no chance in winning… ever…

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