A fan asked a question we’ve seen kicked around in our own forums — how will Artisans work in DiabloWikiMultiplayer games? Bashiok’s reply is a little fuzzy, but gets the point across.

    You will see and interact with your own caravan while in a multiplayer game.

    That doesn’t stop someone from crafting something from their upgraded artisan and trading it to you, of course.

    Yea that was a concern I had as well. If you were lucky enough to find a very rare powerful recipe, you would want to control the production of it. It would have been lame if any1 in the current game with you could just start using your’ artisans at their leisure.
    I always imagined a situation where people would have rare recipes and actually charge entry to their games so people could craft them. It has huge griefing potential, and really selling the crafted item is a cleaner way to make desirable items accessible. It does require the investment up front though.

    It’s fairly simple, as I understand it. DiabloWikiArtisans work like the DiabloWikistash does in D2. Everyone sees it in the same place, but it’s got different contents for each player in the game. You don’t see someone else’s stash contents in D2, and you don’t get their Artisan options in D3. In theory, you won’t even see the appearance of their Artisan’s workshop, if you’re at a different level of upgrade than they are. Why would you? The shoppes are in the same location for everyone, and it doesn’t cost the game any extra work to load different graphics from your HD for you than for someone else.

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