Blue Defends the “Simplified” Tool Tips

The instantly-legendary announcement of the “simplified” tooltips went 140 comments here and even more than that on the forums. Spurred by the controversy, DiabloWikiBashiok has added a follow up/explanation which is quoted in full below.

Just a few counter points to some of the discussions this has raised:

Simple tooltips benefit almost everyone. Just because they may not benefit you, they’ll indirectly benefit you by helping non-gamers get into the game. Right now most of us are only thinking about when we play the game, but when the game is released, or quite possibly years down the road, you may want to be able to teach your dad, your daughter, your significant other to play. Simplified tooltips will certainly help when you walk away and they’re trying to learn to play for themselves. And we can always hope they put stuff up on the auction house for way less than its worth! Mwahahahaa.

The in-game reference guide/book idea for skill and game information has a number of UI issues, but as a player of the game it’s not a great solution because:

  • You’re not always in-game. More often than not when you’re dissecting a skill at a massive level of detail you’re on a website/forum discussing things, or you’ve got an excel spreadsheet open. Or you’re getting in some extra Diablo time while at a friend’s place. Or you’re at work on your lunch break.
  • A web page lets us present far more organized detail than an in-game book would allow (without ceasing to look like a web browser embedded in a book which would just look silly). You want tick rates, scaling formulas, proc interactoins, etc.
  • A web site allows us to provide the most timely information. If questions come up on the forums, we make a hotfix, we find errors, or come across more information we’d like to pass along, we can get that information out to players immediately. If it was in-game it would require a patch.

Since numerous readers have already pointed out that previous game changes were justified as more useful since it would mean players did not have to Alt+Tab out to read a website, I won’t go there.

I will point out that some people thought I was being nasty by mentioning “someone’s mother” as the reason for another recent game simplification. I was being snarky, (If you’re new to snark, welcome to the Internet.) but I was not making some wild claim, since Blizzard has said exactly that on several occasions. In fact, the list of “making things easy enough for your non-gaming relatives” has pretty well filled the family tree at this point: In this post Bashiok cites increased accessible for dads, daughters, and girlfriends. A previous post by Zarhym said that making the path to Leoric easy enough for someone’s grandmother was a design goal. And the fact that Wyatt Cheng’s mother died to the zombies before Tristram was mentioned as significant tester feedback.

You’re free to dislike the increasing accessibility/dumbing down of Diablo III, and maybe you’d rather not know about it, or hear the expressed motivation behind them, but these repeated stories of nerfs for non-gamers are coming straight from Blizzard employees.

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    95 thoughts on “Blue Defends the “Simplified” Tool Tips

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game both so closely followed and scrutinized by players as well as being expansively explained and detailed by the developers.
      It’s really something else.

    2. Aside from teaching noobs how to play more easily, nothing Bashiok said there is actually a reason to take the current information that is displayed in the skill info boxes away and replace it with a simplified version.

      His arguments are for why they shouldn’t make the existing skill info boxes more complicated. And I completely agree with that point. But that doesn’t mean they need to be made simpler than they already are.

      • So, aside from the primary, very important reason for this change this change really had no reason to happen.

        Before you go “nobody is that stupid you stupid Blizzard fanboi,” let me tell you a story of Path of Exile beta, a Diablo-like game currently being developed. One, that I might add, is infested with too many people who have nothing better to do than cry about how Diablo 3 is dumbed down. Without delving too much into the details, the game is very much like Diablo in structure and has been blessed with a global chat.
        On this most blessed of the chats, every 5-10 minutes players are treated to one of the same five questions. To convert these questions into Diablo 2 format for ease of comprehension.

        1. “I leveled up. How do I use skill points?”
        2. “How do I use the Horadric Staff?” followed by “I used the Horadric staff, what do I do now? Where is the boss?”
        3. “I just killed Blood Raven. I am lost. Where do I go now? Where is the next quest?”
        4. “Where is Summoner? Where is the palace harem? Help, quest doesn’t say anything?!”
        5. “I killed Andariel. How do I get to act 2?”

        Simply put, as ridiculous as Bashiok’s explanation might be, he is understating the need for hand-holding. It gets tiresome to be helpful and answer these questions every 5 minutes, it then gets tiresome to tell people to just read the damn quest log, it then gets even more tiresome to just tell them and read the detailed walk through on the official forum, and then it gets tiresome to even read it because you restrain yourself from being a total dick by not saying anything.

        • If any of those D2 problems were really PROBLEMS why did those people even continue playing?  I remember getting lost in D2 or not knowing where to go next but in the end that’s just the way games are and you can’t always fix everything.  Those “problems” could all be fixed by being a bit more descriptive in the quest logs.  Changing every single thing about a game in case someone doesn’t know something is a not only excessive but actually impossible..  There is no way you make something accessible to everyone.

          • They’re “problems” because nobody knows how to design a game without neon arrows pointing to where you need to go and eighty tutorial boxes that are permanently on the screen at all times.

            They don’t know how to make these problems go away without, using the horadric staff example, a big box that comes up directly after you get the staff saying “YOU NEED TO PUT THE STAFF IN THE HOLE TO GET TO DURIEL”.

            This is the level of ingenuity and creativity in games today.

            • i think people just need to exercise their noodle when they play. Sure there are a few instances where I could see someone new to D2 getting confused as to where to go or what to do next, but all it really takes is a little exploring and you can usually figure out the one place you haven’t been yet or one thing you haven’t done yet.

              like “i killed andariel. how do i get to act 2”
              let’s think.. i explored all the land. maybe i should go back to town and ask one of the villagers.

              maybe these people needing this much hand holding need to be playing some children’s games. why should you dumb down a game for the most elementary player and make the experience for the return-customers worse? the grandmas or daughters aren’t going to become hard-core game players like the guys will. ok they’ll play for a bit and then get on with their normal lives.

              ridiculous as always. now i remember why i stopped reading these updates.

        • “So, aside from the primary, very important reason for this change this change really had no reason to happen.”

          No. Try reading what I wrote, again. Bashiok has listed multiple (apparent) reasons as to why simplified  tooltips are important. Except only one of those are actually addressing the topic he is talking about.

          It’s like saying global warming is bad because it’ll result in more extreme weather, fewer holidays in hawaii, more trips to the beach and larger sales of sunscreen lotion.

          • He gave one reason why they are important (noobs). Then he gave reasons why this isn’t that big of a loss. There is a difference.

          • I think they know what to do. I loved Diablo and Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 LOD. I played the beta and i think they know what they are doing. 
            Besides, global warming is not affected by humans. Just a big business.

    3. “Simplified tooltips will certainly help when you walk away and they’re trying to learn to play for themselves. And we can always hope they put stuff up on the auction house for way less than its worth! Mwahahahaa.
      So, dumb down the game so that casuals can play the game and once there hook them into spending money at the auction house which adds to your bottom line. Got it.

      Why can’t they say this straight up instead of dancing around the point.

      • I’ve often said that PR is the art of pissing on someone’s leg while convincing them it’s raining. This is a case in point, eh?

      • I interpreted that the same way, so I’d say that is fairly straight up. Too bad its not so clear to those who need the hand-holding… hence the hand-holding.

    4. Effectively, then, they’re making this game for people who… Don’t play games, apparently. Talk about marketing to the right audience.
      And his third bullet point makes no sense. Does Blizzard realise that hosting a website and running a game are not mutually exclusive, and both can be done at the same time?

        Well the truth is that there’s no point in marketing to people who will buy the game anyway… and right now i’d say it would take 2 more dissapointing games (besides D3) for Blizz to actually lose enough of the “hardcore” fans for them to actually notice.

    5. So I’m indirectly helped by others who are helped by simpler tooltips?

      This is one of the most retarded blue posts I’ve ever read. I mean, not much else really needs to be said. It’s cringe-worthy. I can’t believe Bashiok sat there and wrote this drivel.

      • You have probably never tried to teach someone not familiar to gaming a new game.
        Do it, it should be a lesson in humility and you’ll be thankful for every part of the game that explains itself. Do they help us? The more players the better for the game the better for us, if D3 flops you probably won’t see much coming out of the franchise for the foreseeable future.

      • Nothing has brought me more joy than introducing this game series – and similar games – to my wife.  And the comment I get is “I just want to kill sh…stuff.”
        Simplified tool-tips are, for her, a godsend.  Of course, I’d love the extra information, but if it’s an either-or scenario, I will err on whatever side allows me to play, ie what my wife will want to play.
        As far as going off-site to get information, I think that Blizz comment was made with regards to crating, if I’m not mistaken – it was not fun to find crafting recipes or runewords.  As a gameplay mechanic, that information should have been found in-game.

        • Absurdity at the highest level.

          So they can apply logic to only one portion of the game, thus somehow throwing every other portion in a horadric cube that transmutes it into high-level stupidity that is easily dismissed? That’s quite the treasure you have in that lack of logic.

          Is your wife an idiot? My wife also plays games with me when they aren’t frustrating. Do you know what frustrated her about WoW? Not being able to figure out which healing spell to use in which situation because the tooltips were retarded and didn’t display the information she needed.

      • Yeah its pretty dumb. I’m only going to play with friends or solo. I don’t care if some idiotic non-gamer understands the skills or not. And anyway aren’t those the type of people that don’t even read tool tips and just pick the skill that looks the best?
        I wish they would just show us one of these simplified tool tips. What are they going to have? What I’d want is:
        %Weapon Damage
        Without those they are forcing us to alt-tab just to understand what our skills are doing.

    6. How many people will take the time to search for information about skills etc on a website? I’d say this solution will result in many players that have the potential to better won’t be because the information isn’t so accessable.
      They do however raise a valid point, the information given will probably be of a higher quality if on a website rather than in-game.
      PS: How do you die BEFORE Tristram? :O is that even possible?

    7. I understand the points they bring up.  I would pose that they are just wrong.

      They are asserting that my elementary school child is going to be ‘reading tooltips’ to figure out how the game is played.  I would guestimate that the VAST majority of kids are going to pick up the game and start mashing buttons. Personally I’ve never read instruction booklets(at any age) until the point where I have been stuck.  That hasn’t happened very often.  A super simple tool tip really won’t help someone that’s stuck in all reality either.  They are going to need to know about the more specific information about whats going on.  

      Older people.  My father plays video games including SC2, my bet is that if he read that post he would pause and reply F**K Y*U Blizzard.  That would be insulting to him, and for good reason, he isn’t a moron.  I know and/or work with a number of people that could be considered older, and none of these people would require these simple tool tips.  In fact none of those people would have any problem handling the more advanced tool tip.  Several of these people are grand parents.  

      If they are saying that teenagers will be the targets of these tool tips, I dunno, Its just laughable.  I think that asserting a teenager that has grown up in the computer age would require hand holding like that is just dishonest.

      They have many times stated don’t want you to have to ‘go read strategy guides’  ‘open spread sheets’ etc..  Now they do a complete 180 and absolutely require it.  Can there be no middle ground?  They have said that a webpage can be more detailed, which is true.  But who regularly uses Blizzards webpages as opposed to sites like this, or one of the sister sites for respective games.  Again I think its dishonest to suggest that their site will be able to compete to sites like this which are dedicated to game specific strategy and information, and which already have developed communities.

      Why can’t they use a toggle button?  The more advanced tool tips are already programmed in.  Why can’t they start the more advanced tool tip with the simple explanation?  The change they are now making and defending just seem to be against what they have been preaching to us this whole time, and its completely avoidable.  

      Even with advanced tool tips I will only be using them a minimal amount, however I am getting rather tired of Blizzard telling me what is/or is not fun, what I can or can’t understand, what my children/family members will like.  Especially when their stated reasoning for such changes appears to be such a farce. 

      I certainly hope that all of the dumbing down and simplifying (which seems to be escalating in pace btw) doesn’t reduce the longevity in which I will enjoy the game.

      • The game is rated M correct? So little kids shouldnt even be playing the damn game! And i agree everyone 18 and up should be able to understand the tooltips as they are, there is no need to “simplify”. I think by making them too simple they actually make them more confusing. So instead of knowing exactly what a skill does i have to go look it up somewhere.

        What sounds more simple to you?
        1. Being able to see exactly what the skill does on the fly via a detailed tooltip.


        2. Having “simplified” tooltip where as if you need more information you must pause the game and look it up somewhere.

        I think #1 sounds a hellovalot more “simple”……

      • You’re making a sensible post, but you keep mentioning “these tool tips”, which we really haven’t seen anything of.
        I can understand the emotional replies, you will always get those, but a post like yours should be researched and quite frankly the only thing we’ve gotten so far is “we’ll make em simpler”, but we really have no idea what that exactly means, we don’t even have an example. “Wait till it’s out” may not always be a compelling argument, but in this case it is, because honestly we have no idea what we’re talking about.

        • Ya know, that’s a a great point.

          It actually makes me wonder why blizzard would show us features, get us all excited for said features, and now at this point state that they are axing them left and right.  Unfortunately, the evidence they have given us at this point has come in the form of talking about peoples young children or grand parents are the target .  As Mephed pointed out it is a mature rated game, which makes their comments all the more puzzling to me.

          Given the information that they have been putting out recently. Its almost anti pr at this point, why would they even do that.  Show us nothing and we won’t even know, or heck certainly don’t announce hints of stripping systems that looked cool in their states of development.

    8. **ALERT** They found the korean post about the RMAH and have rightly deduced that we are delaying the game because of legal issues with the RMAH!  Their theories have been confirmed.   

      –poke– hey Bashiok go feed them some more bullshit so everyone can rage about  it and get the RMAH out of their mind. 

    9. It’s interesting that so many people can’t help but fly into a panic at the slightest hint of any kind of challenge to their over-inflated sense of personal accommodation and ownership of Diablo III.

      Every announcement winds up being construed as a horrendous affront or crime against humanity that was done to accommodate people (noobs/grannies/consoles/WoW players) that we don’t think are worthy to have a say in the greatness that is Diablo.

      There seems to be no way to escape it.

      • It’s interesting that you put on your Doctor Phil hat and proceed to diagnose the emotional stability of a human being you never met, simply because you are too dim to see the actual point of the discussion.

        There seems to be no way to escape it. Or, if you’d prefer, “you can’t explain that!”.

        • And the panic continues.

          PS: Don’t you think Wagram’s post below kind of proves my point?  Apparently the sky is now falling, just like it was falling when they removed skill points.  The game is ruined!!!!

          • I don’t think you know what panic means.
            Sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior.

            So if Wagram’s point is that this is one more “thing” on a large pile of “things”, thus creating a chain of events that collude together to form some sort of logical, linear timeline, and he is critical of that…it’s panic.

            Gogo gadget white knight.

    10. Well, I guess we all know now the real reason why they scrapped the skill points and the skill trees, right ? I mean, if something as easy as ordinary tooltips doesn’t make the cut, do you think they lost any sleep over those things ?
      \Accesibility\ used to be Blizzard’s creed, now it’s \dumbing down\. Thanks, Activision. Burn in hell.

      • Using current controversy to justify attacking a change that you don´t like only because of sentimental reasons (i.e. the dummest possible reason to hate/love somethng because it involves no rational thought) is cringe worthy at best.

    11. If Blizzard wants to make getting into the game more accessible by dumbing down tooltips, why don’t they do the same thing they did with the game itself:

      Keep it simple at normal difficulty and make it more complex at higher difficulties? I could live with only unlocking advanced tooltips when I reach nightmare or hell, since everything I’ve seen suggests we won’t need them until that point.

      I could even see the point to that: first you try the skills based on the kind of thing they do, get a feel for the style you like. Then, when things (hopefully) get hard enough in inferno that you need to pay attention to the damage a skill is actually doing, you have that information to hand.

      Not a perfect solution to be sure, but a lot better than having to go to a website for it.

    12. Obviously Blizz has better market data than my WAGs but it I’d always figure casual gamers flocked to games like puzzlers, platformers, first person shooters, racing, and “party” games. Not so much super nerdy RPG/dungeon crawlers with Wizards. If they want to crack open the casual market it seems they choose funny genres to try that out in.

    13. Soon D3 will be easier than Angry Bird. Everyone will be able to play it. No arguement bout longetivity either, as ppl plays Angry Bird non-stop, even for a simple game…………

      • I wouldn’t really call Angry Birds easy… some of those 3 stars require you to hit in one spot, and get lucky with the richochet…
        Simple, yes, but tehnically so was Battletoads…

      • Sure, I think I’d prefer the mother over of the nerd raging son anyway.
        Of course you’re still going to buy it, the only people who can make viable “I’m not going to buy it” claims are those who don’t make the claims, they simply don’t buy it.

    14. There’s been a bunch of \Blizzard Defends xxxxx\ throughout the developement I’ve noticed. Why not implement stuff/decide to not remove things that leads to comments like \that’s amazing!\ \awesome!\ \good job blizz! <3\ etc instead of things they have to defend? Just a thought…

    15. .. How do simplified tooltips help anyone?  I can’t imagine a single scenario where a non-gamer would sit down to play this game and even notice the tooltips.  Those players will be too busy smashing buttons and killing things to even have the chance to be confused by anything.  Tooltips are background noise that you automatically tune out unless you actually care about the information they provide.  If they don’t provide decent information, there is no point in having them at all.

      In fact, I had a friend last night (a console-FPS fanatic) play for the first time.  He was absolutely terrible and really had no idea what to do (he didn’t open his Inventory the entire time), but even he mentioned in passing how easy it was.  This isn’t a reflection on the balance in the beta (which I think is fine, actually), but rather to point out that tooltips were the last thing on his mind.

      Tooltips aren’t for newbies because they aren’t going to even look at them.  The purpose of tooltips is to provide information for people that are already “on their feet” as far as basic game mechanics go.

      • Maybe they’re actually just trying to avoid the lying character screen… but dont want to admit it.
        The lack of an option to allow to toggle to the current tootips, which are already done, and would require little work kinda says it’s not just about allowing new players to read less…

      • “Tooltips aren’t for newbies because they aren’t going to even look at them.  The purpose of tooltips is to provide information for people that are already “on their feet” as far as basic game mechanics go.”

        but what if a noob or someone grandmother is accidentally  exposed to a tooltip with detailed info too confusing for even a 5th grader? it’s the weapon switch fiasco all over again. 🙄

    16. I like that. Much better than having a GUIDE book inside the game just like in wow, and it makes “discovering things” disappear. I like discovering little things, game mechanics etc. myself through a site or a forum or smth like that. Otherwise there won’t be little interesting details to find and discover, the game will be somewhat exposed to all it has to offer.

    17. Just show us some examples of the new tooltips. The fact that they haven’t done this despite all the negative reactions is a bit worrying.

      • Blizzard doesn’t really acknowledge negative reactions from the fans that often… It usually takes an overwhelmingly big reaction such as the Real ID fiasco for them to outright change their minds…

        • I have no hope for a change of mind, and I don’t even know if I need it to be honest. To know that I need first to see the new tooltips.

    18. I know its kind of off topic but to me simplified infers vague, and of course what better example then Hellgate: London!

      “Vague skill descriptions! Take your Summoner to level 25 and invest one skill point in the “Toxic Elemental” pet with a description that reads: “Does damage”. Assuming the skill actually works, how much damage does it do? Is it direct damage or Area Of Effect? Ranged or melee? How often does it attack? How many hit points does the pet have? Do the damage and hit points scale with you as you level? It is a fun guessing game” (courtesy somethingawful)

      Anything less then what the skill does (damage, range, effect, projectiles, etc.) seems totally and utterly pointless. I’m hoping Blizzard doesnt intend to replace stats with flavor text. And i mean really, most skills only have 2/3 properties…

    19. I disagree, If someone’s really interested in a game they will make the (very little) extra effort to get to know the game.  Its all about getting them to WANT to do that by having an engaging story or gameplay elements.
      Who’s mom wants to slaughter zombies for +resistance armor?  Its they guys who have played similar games before who will find value in that and might have no interest in the story.
      I cannot describe the frustration I feel about Blizzard trying to cater to everyone on the face of the planet.  There is no perfect game that EVERYONE will play, some people like racing games and others like fantasy role-playing games and all the things attached to that.  This includes having to think about how you approach a certain class and (God forbid) messing up.
      The bottom line is, the closest thing you can get to a perfect Diablo game would be to make something that the fans of the original always wanted.  Improve on the systems instead of taking them away.  Have the story be a nostalgic journey filled with mention of previous events and characters. 
      There should be some respect from the developers for the history of this franchise as I don’t think anyone would have given this game a second look if it didn’t have the Diablo or Blizzard name attached to it.

    20. blizzard is becoming the nintendo of the pc environment. simplified tooltips are being designed to attract more people to the game, people that doesnt even have interest in the game to begin with. all this to get more account sales, more people into ah. all this for money. understandable because they are a company in a capitalist system. but risk, because this doesnt benefit the core audience (people that arent retards). so i will have to alt tab to get the % or dps on a skill, because that is too hard for a noob to understand. hmm.
      nintendo learned their lesson, and surprisingly, have now aparently engaged into the hardcore market with a super console. blizzard shall soon learn their lesson (panda shall be a blessing to other MMOs)
      i will not buy d3 day one because of this. i will patiently await reviews, hardcore players opinions, and even try free options 🙄 , before buying this game

        Considering that the 360 and ps3 could actually render 1080p (even if most games where only 720p) i wouldn’t call the WiiU a super console…
        Plus, the Wii still outsold the other two combined, their problem was a lack of 3rd party games… not being able to port a game from the other consoles and the lack of HD simply made the Wii unattractive to big developers…
        As for Panda’s… as i recall they where requested as a race before BC… mostly by people that played WC3…

    21. Bashiok is a pandering asshat and his weak little justifications are growing old.
      He can’t talk his way out of this one. BTW, I don’t know if his family is full of retards, but mine sure isn’t. I can’t teach them to play unless they have the information THEY NEED when I walk away from the computer.

      Not that I’d have to teach them how to play Diablo. You click on stuff and it dies SOO CONFOOZINGZ.

    22. I just don’t understand why there can’t be a switch – easy/detailed tooltips (“easy” by default). Done, everyone is happy.

      • Someone’s great grandfather might drool over the keyboard causing it to malfunction and accidentally turn on the useful tooltips in the menu. What’s the ol’ man to do now? He sure as hell can’t figure out how to change them back. Tell me cause I got nothin.

    23. And here I thought they were so proud of making a skill system where you can make something work without having to look it up on a website. Now you have to look it up on a website if you want to know what Bash REALLY does. Huh?

    24. The first speech of Blizzard was “we don’t want people to alt + tab”, now is just “alt + tab is so normal people, what’s the problem?”
      How consistent are their answers? They obviously don’t know how to explain it to the fans. I think it would be better saying the truth “this is part of the noob-friendly UI program, get used to it, we’re not gonna change it at all!”

    25. Diablo 3, so easy a caveman’s grandmother can play it.

      Have they ever thought an option for new players would be a playable tutorial explaining how all the modifiers and such work?  Since tool tips are too hard to figure out, what about skill modifying rune stones?  Still looking forward to the game but making it too simple makes an assumption about how dumb they think everyone is.

    26. Translation from PR-talk: The target audience for this game is inexperienced gamers and people who haven’t played games before. We are simplifying the game for them at the expense of depth and longetivity for experienced gamers. This is awesome for experienced gamers because people they know who have never played games will love it.
      The tooltip isn’t a big deal to me, I wish they had an option for advanced tooltip though, the problem is that they’re applying the same design philosophy to the whole game. If they dumbed down normal mode to make it noob-friendly, I could live with that, they’re dumbing down the entire game.

    27. Let’s hope they don’t decide to take a closer look at the lore or we could end up with Peter and Jane visit their Uncle, just so we don’t alienate potential customers who aren’t familiar with fantasy fiction.

      • Yes. They found it was too confusing for players when they entered a realm of fantasy, because it seems to their idiot bird brains as if reality disappeared. We don’t know how to answer the question of “where existence go?” so we’ve removed the story entirely.
        The game now ships with a lollipop to distract them. The lollipop isn’t wrapped because unwrapping a lollipop causes confusion.

    28. I cant help but remember D1. Can you imagine THEM playing D1?
      I seems to me that these guys (current Blizz, and certainly their moms) would immediately DIE and be like “weee, this is not AWESOMER!! or “OMG this game suxz!” and yet that game IS a classic and IS the direct reason THIS game is even made. And it was hard until you ve learned the ropes. Yup, you HAD to LEARN sth in the process in order to be able to have fun. You know, EFFORT is actually the factor behind SATISFACTION. Don’t be surprised is you wont get none from this game, at least the FIRST TWO difficulty levels. Seriously.

      I hope we all agree by now that, and I cant help but LOL about it, we are the 1%, yes you, me ppl who visit this site. Everyone one else gonna love this game. But 1% is not the target. what really puzzles me though is supposedly this game is rated M. Yet, its for your SISTER! yeah, thats right.

      • I completely agree. Really the “casual crowd” will not be the people playing this game 2-10 years after release keeping it alive. And if there is no incentive to keep the hardcore gamers. Then the game will die. I mean i will most likely create 1 of each character and then get bored because i will not have any more reason to create another character when i can just respec. the characters i have instead of making a new ones.

        • Totally agree. One character per class and you are done with the game. That plus no XP gain on Inferno only item grind. Talk about fun…

    29. So I will like this game because it’s easy for someone other to like it? Someone in Blizzard must be out of his damn mind to come up with such a reasoning.

      • I’ve been saying the exact same thing for years but nobody listens.
        It’s not that we’re stupid or…I’m sorry, “confused”.


    30. I don’t like Bashiok’s arguements.
      You know what? Lets make Diablo 3 a flash game you can play on your browser. I can’t think of anything more accessible than that…

      By the way, I’m A’ Okay with simplified tooltips, I just don’t like the whole ‘make it easier for noobs’ approach. Also, yeah, I am going to teach this game to my children and hopefully my grandchildren, and while I’m at it, I’m going to teach them how to kick arse at it.

      • Soon we will hear the anouncement that diablo can now be played through facebook just like farmville!

        I hope they are not doing this because of consoles. In a console you dont have a mouse so there would be no easy way to get tooltips to pop up.

      • It would be preferable, (not to mention add some gravitas to your argument), if you could make your point without resorting to personal insults. Thanks.

    31. I think it’s more about bringing 10M numbed WoW players who think they own because they facerolled for like 7 years.

    32. I cannot follow these disturbances…I would call me a rather hardcorish player, though I have come into the yearsand now will only play in the evenings from time to time, but surely maaaaaany hours. For me, Diablo and Diablo 2 war never about the tooltips. They were rather simple in D1 and D2 and the player was more focused on slaying demons and identifying items. I think this should not change in Diablo 3. Everyone whines about every similarity of D3 to WoW, but while Tooltips in the Diablo series where rather implified, in WoW they are much more detailed. So I like to theorycraft, but I wont do that while playing either. So when i calculate things, I look up the Tooltips in the internet and when I’m ingame, I want to put my attention completely to bashing monsters and finding items. And yes, I think that that will be more fun with simplified tooltips since for me it is more diabloesque than having super detailed tooltips. so even if they gave you monstrous tooltips ingame you nevertheless looked them up on websites.

    33. “The more players the better for the game the better for us, if D3 flops you probably won’t see much coming out of the franchise for the foreseeable future”.

      D2 was an illusion, then… a sequel over a complex and not-noob-friendly game, which was again not as nooby as D3 is going to be, but was also a success and creates the oportunity for these… guys, \developers\, to create a game so easy that makes you answer where will the dificulty, the \activity\ (instead of pasivity), appear.

    34. 1. Read tooltip in full
      2. Try skill out
      3. Glance at tooltip every now and then to check key/variable aspects of skill (already in a convenient green text)
      Isn’t this what the average player would do? Is what is likely a one-time, 2 sentence read with some numbers thrown in really that much of a showstopper? I understand that they want the game to be both accessible and fast-paced, but please, don’t change Frost Nova from what it is to simply, “Use when you’re surrounded!!”
      About using a site as an alternative – just come right out and say, “Well, you’ve got to be online to play anyways.” Speaking of that, this whole controversy reminds me of when Bash first started talking about “discouraging” single-player simply because new players wouldn’t necessarily realize that they can’t play their single-player characters on Remember what happened next? I’m not saying we can expect huge changes to the game at this point, but such a seemingly drastic change without any mention of some sort of toggle being considered leads me to believe there’s more to this.
      This is just my initial impression though. We’ll see how they end up handling this.

    35. I seriously don’t fucking understand why everyone is throwing a shit fit…

      It’s not like they’re taking the detailed tooltips out. They specifically stated the game will include both the simplified LOLNEWPLAYERSAREFUCKINGIDIOTSamirite? tooltips and the detailed tooltips.


      It’s seriously ridiculous.  Just because they want to bring more players in by giving them the option (probably on by default) to learn the basics first, then turn shit on if they care enough to get better. Woop dee doo.

      And honestly, how does this possibly affect you or me, the hardcore 5x max level characters player? It won’t. In fact, more players playing the game period will probably only make things better for us because we’ll be the guys offloading tons of gear on the AH that (hopefully) Timmy will buy for 2,000 G or 95 cents that we would have otherwise cubed into crafting mats.

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