Readers have noted that Amazon.com’s release date for the DiabloWikiBook of Cain has been delayed again, to early January. The book itself has not been backed up though; it’s apparently just a supply problem for Amazon on their reorders. Books shipped on time and many retailers are selling them right now, plus Blizzard will start selling them via their online store shortly.

    Here’s a blue post explaining the issue.

    The Book of Cain is still scheduled for a December 13 release date and has not been delayed. We have no control over when retailers will actually get the books into your hands though. We’ll have some showing up on the Blizzard store shortly after that date (approximately Dec 16) and many other retailers also will have the book as well for purchase.

    Have any of you guys gotten your hands on a copy yet? Does it live up to your expectations? Does Dumbledore kill Snape this time?

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