Blue Confirms No Book of Cain Delay

Readers have noted that’s release date for the DiabloWikiBook of Cain has been delayed again, to early January. The book itself has not been backed up though; it’s apparently just a supply problem for Amazon on their reorders. Books shipped on time and many retailers are selling them right now, plus Blizzard will start selling them via their online store shortly.

Here’s a blue post explaining the issue.

The Book of Cain is still scheduled for a December 13 release date and has not been delayed. We have no control over when retailers will actually get the books into your hands though. We’ll have some showing up on the Blizzard store shortly after that date (approximately Dec 16) and many other retailers also will have the book as well for purchase.

Have any of you guys gotten your hands on a copy yet? Does it live up to your expectations? Does Dumbledore kill Snape this time?

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    11 thoughts on “Blue Confirms No Book of Cain Delay

    1. I just ordered mines from Amazon yesterday on the 13th and it was considered a preorder. It wont arrive until after january 15th.. Lame..

    2. same issue for me too Xanada. I ordered yesterday and it also considered is a pre-order, but will arrive around jan 15th … sad.

    3. sad? sad?
      I preordered nearly a month ago, now I recieve this e-mail telling me it’ll probably be delivered between february 6th and 27th!!
      damn! 😀

    4. Apparently my wife preordered this for me for Christmas using my Amazon account so this just popped up in gmail:
      “Unfortunately, an unexpected delay from our supplier may prevent us from delivering some items in your order placed on December 07, 2011 (Order#BLANKED OUT ) by December 24.The following item(s) from your order is delayed:

      Deckard Cain, Blizzard Entertainment “Diablo III: Book of Cain”
      New Delivery Estimate: January 12, 2012″
      My wife may be awesome, but she is not immune the Blizzard’s famous delays.

    5. I preordered my copy from Amazon on November 21st.  
      As of right now, it still says it’s scheduled for a delivery by the 24th. However, it’s still a ‘not yet shipped’ status, so who really knows?   😕

    6. I’m getting it as a christmas gift so who knows.
      Man. People always buy me things I want for christmas and I act like it’s a bad thing. I really want to play Saints Row but now I can’t because someone got it for me for christmas. I’m not even religious. 😐

      My wife got it for me and she hasn’t yet received an email from amazon about the updated shipping date. I went to a Barnes and Noble yesterday and didn’t see it there, either (not that I was expecting to).

    7. My communications with Richard Dea at Insight Editions are as follows:
      “On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 9:35 PM, Brian Napoleon wrote:
      I pre-ordered this book at Amazon.  It was supposed to ship to me in time for me to give it as a Christmas gift and now, this seems in jeopardy. How could you not know how many pre-orders you needed to fill and have enough for release day?  This is very disappointing and I am blaming you and Blizzard for choosing you as a publisher unless you can explain to me why I shouldn’t and who I should be blaming instead.  Can you please explain this situation to me in detail?

      On Wed, Dec 14 2011 at 1:55, Richard Dea wrote:
      We are the publishers of the book, not the distributors. The distributors are the ones that need to notify us of how many books they need in order to fulfill their pre orders. If you would like, you may place the order through us and get it shipped to you by Christmas.

      On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 7:21 PM, Brian Napoleon wrote:
      Thank you for your reply.  Based on your reply, my question is this:  Did Amazon fail to notify you of how many books they needed or did they notify you of how many books they needed and were not supplied with that number of books?  I’m just trying to figure out where I should direct my questions and get some clarity on this situation.  I’m sure you can understand my frustration having pre-ordered this item and being hit with a delay on the publication date.  If you’ll sell me the book at Amazon’s price at the time of my order ($22.40 book cost + free shipping), I’ll be happy to place an order with you to be delivered by Christmas.  I will immediately cancel my pre-order with Amazon if this can be arranged.

      On Wed, Dec 14 2011 at 7:31 PM, Richard Dea wrote:
      Hello, I have been told that Amazon will be receiving their books tomorrow. The change is publication date is due to the people who are ordering the book now as Amazon is probably sold out of books to fulfill their pre-orders.”

      Basically, this guy’s trying to pass the buck to Amazon. I’m not buying it. B&N had similar problems with the book as did some local bookstores. My guess is they knew exactly how many they needed and were unable to meet the demand.

      That said, it does seem that Amazon knew (at the very least) that they probably weren’t going to get enough copies to fill the pre-orders and didn’t communicate that fact to their customers. Amazon changed the publication date around 12/8/11. They could have notified their customers then, but instead we are left with a product page that is not accurate in terms of the book’s publication date and delivery estimates that contradict the product page (my delivery est. is unchanged at 12/19/11 – 12/23/11). Amazon still has a chance to make it right by getting me the book in that time frame. Let’s see if they pull through…

      • Yeah he is full of crap. I just went through the ordering process up until the last confirmation for this book on the Insight Editions and if I had ordered it right now it would be “Estimated Ship Date: Dec 22, 2011 – Dec 29, 2011” and “Estimated Delivery Date: Dec 28, 2011 – Jan 5, 2012”.

        Last time I checked, December 28th is after Christmas…

        I’m pissed at both them and Amazon. I preordered mine from Amazon on Nov. 22 with 2 day shipping and they had the estimated delivery date as Dec. 15th on my account orders page up until just a few minutes ago when they finally emailed me that the delivery date was changed to January 11. Yeah thanks for the last minute warning, Amazon, and it comes several days after they had changed the publication date and their customer service people claimed it was a mistake.

        Basically it seems that they only really had enough for the advanced copies to the different press people and the Blizzcon preorders, after that everyone else is screwed. It’s pretty sad that they couldn’t even meet the demand for preorders made weeks ago and made no admission of such and seem to have left the retailers high and dry after getting in all the numbers.

        I seriously doubt the distributors told them the wrong amounts that were ordered. Insight Editions effed up and didn’t produce enough in time and won’t own up to it. Now everyone who didn’t preorder this from Blizzcon get to wait and there’s pretty much no stores that can get one to you before early January… This whole situation is ridiculous and reflects poorly on Blizzard for their choice in publisher. Even if Blizzard puts them up on their store when they said they will, they will probably be out of stock within hours if not minutes. They’ve seriously dropped the ball on this one…

    8. I pre-ordered mine through the Book Depository over a month ago, and until 30 minutes ago, the order status showed that it was delayed until the 28th of December…
      I just received this email and the status is set to “processing”
      Unfortunately, a few days is a bit vague for my liking, but it does look as though *%$$ing Insight were the ones who were screwing us over the whole time (note my email says “has been made available by the publisher”) as seems to be the common theme in the posts.
      Hopefully more people are getting notifications of their orders shipping soon too.

      Dear (Blank),

      I am pleased to let you know that we have just received notification that your pre-ordered book has been made available by the publisher.

      (Order # and book details)

      This book will be dispatched to you in the next few days. Should you wish to track your order, you can do so by following the link below:
      Thank you for pre-ordering your book with The Book Depository.
      Thanks again for your order,

      Kieron Smith
      The Book Depository Ltd.

    9. I ordered it on, and got an email saying the shipping date was February 6th to March 27th. Fuck that?

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