At some point Tuesday evening Bashoik and company stopped denying that the beta test was underway, and started answering some questions about the test and the larger game. Mostly old stuff, but a few tidbits worth a read.

    A fan asked why skills weren’t working at light sources, and got a reply from Bashiok.

    Skills are not light sources, all effects are baked into the skill effect. It’s partially because in multiplayer games things could get downright psychedelic with that many colored lights going off, but it also doesn’t work super well with the painterly art style.

    Another fan asked about DirectX10-11 support, and Bashiok replied, with a bonus mention of Anti-Aliasing support.

    We’re hoping to have time to get some DX11 support, mainly to allow us to get FSAA in.

    Finally, another fan loved the look of the game from the live streams, but didn’t like the subtle music. Bashiok launched a rebuttal.

    now if only the music was better…
    Huh. That’s the first time I’ve read that.

    Were you maybe expecting something besides what is generally the subdued mood-music in Diablo games? While World of Warcraft has huge epic orchestra pieces and driving melodies, Diablo music is far more subdued and moody. If you’re looking for big concert-hall filling scores, it’s just not what Diablo is about, although some bigger pieces certainly exist and you’ll get to enjoy them with the release of the game.

    Diablo and its music is more about ambiance, as it’s a game that should mostly be filled with the sounds of slaughtering demons. Big epic tracks just aren’t very Diablo, and would very likely not mesh with the style of gameplay.

    That’s just my guess as to what some people may be expecting. Diablo music is generally just mood-enhancing ambiance. But if you have other feedback, it’s welcome.

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