Blood Shards: Earning a Higher Cap

More, please.

More, please.

The low Blood Shards cap was a topic of discussion during this week’s Tavern Talk, during which the devs mentioned the possibility of increasing the cap through various means. Earning Achievements or other game accomplishments. Desperate for any mechanism to increase the Shard cap, fans have taken up that idea with suggestions of every sort.

Blood Shards: Earning a Higher Cap

The reason for having a cap based on the fact that people will just hoard blood shards until they just need a single item is understandable. I think a every 100 paragon levels you get a +X cap increase would be a good thing though.
Tyvalir: Awesome idea, Cabrawr!

I like how your suggestion takes into account the design goal that Travis talked about of ensuring that new players understand what Blood Shards are (and that they’re meant to be used regularly, rather than hoarded) while also acknowledging the request from more advanced players for a higher Blood Shard cap. Rather than ignore one group or the other, your suggestion takes into account both groups, and focuses on a solution that might work for both of them. Very, very cool!

Wyatt also commented on a thread with a similarly constructive suggestion over on Reddit Diablo, and I wanted to share what he posted here, to add to the discussion:

Wyatt: As mentioned during the Tavern Talk, we would like to increase the cap via some mechanism that allows players to unlock it via accomplishment. As we mentioned, players clearing high rifts are hitting the cap more frequently than intended.

A 1500 cap is probably too high, because as you heard on the Tavern Talk, we don’t want veteran players to defer their reward for too long, but allowing players to raise to 750 or 1000 via some accomplishments? That might be workable.

Another thing I like about this idea is that it’s a personal reward for improving your personal best Rift. As we also discussed, I would love if the game could celebrate personal bests better 🙂 Forget those leaderboards – if I just want to do a Whirlwind build, I would love the game to celebrate each time I reach a new highest rift.

I don’t agree that 1000 is too high. Maybe 5k or 10k would be, but when I can earn well over 500 in an hour, and weapons cost 75 and amulets cost 100 each, I don’t like that convergence. I shouldn’t be able to hit the cap in 30 minutes, and I don’t like that I only get to gamble 5 or 7 of something (all rares, usually) even when I’m at the cap. Both those things are bigger not-fun features for me than any of the hypothetical ones Wyatt mentioned during the Tavern Talk.

The main arguments the devs made for retaining a low Blood Shards cap: 1) Noobs never notice Blood Shards until they hit the cap, 2) expert players would defer gambling for too long and rob themselves of the potential regular fun, 3) only gambling with a huge amount means you’d never hit something good for an intermediate upgrade and use that to experiment.

That said, they also admitted that Shards come much faster than they used to, what with Blood Thieves, and players getting 100 every 5 minutes on T6 Rifts or 250 at once from big GRs. So the devs are open to increasing the cap, though probably not to 5000 or 10000 or something many of us would like. Increasing it in some way that rewards your play seems a decent compromise, though I’d still be perfectly happy with a check box on the options, same as you use to enable DiabloWikiElective Mode.

How should the Blood Shard cap be increased?

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  1. >1500 too high for veteran players



    Ah left me breath…


    • Thinking about it more, I honestly think that argument is complete bunk. They're basically saying, we have to hold the hands of experienced players, or they won't have as much fun as they could.

      But the hard-core gamers who play multiple hours a day will have a very acute idea of exactly what it is that they find fun, and what they don't.

  2. I'd like to reach a cap which would allow me to completely fill my inventory up with rings in one go. 😀

    . . . I don't know what that would actually tally up to, but I would personally find that really satisfying.

    I think the achievement suggestion is a good idea. (reaching 'X' paragon levels are also achievements in my book.) To me, this would give achievements more meaning and value -with an actual functional reward for completing them.

  3. As a hardcore season only player, restarting from scratch every 3-6months (however long they decide) will mean i’m going to be treated as a “new player” until i manage to unlock various achievements. Say that aint so.

    Nonsensical arguments seem to be all blizzard are capable of nowadays.

  4. cap should be 3000 enough to get 30 ammys

  5. I voted "who cares set it to 5000 already", but I like the idea of unlocking it progessively through paragon level. 500 shards every 100 levels until you reach a 5-10k cap would be great.

  6. Suggestion in the comments thread from a day or two ago was better: allow players to buy a bloodshard bag from Kadala at a cost of 100 shards. It could increase capacity by 500 shards.

    That requires 'new' players to have found Kadala, and I think we can expect people to explore vendor interfaces to find out everything they can do (otherwise, the Mystic is screwed…). It also lets people customise how many they want – if you're happy with a 1000 or 1500 limit, then just buy bags to get to that limit and stop.

    • Or hell, people complain about there not being enough goldsinks in the game.

      Make it 10,000 gold per 1 extra permanent bloodshard capacity (5M gold for 500).

      • if we're going to high level crafting, then let us churn mats and gems into shards also. Players rack up endless gems they'll never use; imagine you could turn flawless royals into 20 or 50 or 100 shards each? I wasn't even picking up most gems late in s1, when I had hundreds of imperials of each type in my stash. I would if they could turn into shards, though.

        Related great idea from ago was that potions turn into shards when you've got a leg potion equipped.

  7. I would love to have more especially when I am farming on one character with the intent to gamble on another character.

    • That's the biggest inconvenience, IMHO. If you're only playing one class, then it's easy enough to gamble off your shards when you're waiting for the 30s timer after a Rift. But forcing players to log out and back in to build an alt is teh sux.

      Bliz devs mentioned this problem weeks ago, and that they were looking into enabling gamble as other class. Those wheels grind very slowly, alas.

      • ” and that they were looking into enabling gamble as other class. Those wheels grind very slowly, alas.”

        Which is a far harder problem to implement than to just increase the maximum number from 500 to something else…

  8. Want to vote: No cap at all

  9. 750 or 1000 via some accomplishments might be workable….
    No comment. Retarded Blizzard!

  10. How about a combination of option 2 and 3? If you have to use options to enable a 1000 (or maybe 2000) shard cap then you can't argue the "noob" hasn't noticed shards, and then add 100 shards to cap every 50 to 100 paragon levels.

  11. Hi,

    I dont understand the whole concept! Lets just stop for a while and think about it! First everything costed: 5-10-15-20-25 BS. BUT because of this, you could gamble good stuff really fast, they raised the costs for each type. Now, you can only gamble a few things, and why? Because you should not gamble 100 items at one time, as the results would be very good. With raising the BS limit we would be back where we started!!

    I don’t understand, everyone had lobotomy and forget everything that was a half a year or a year ago??

    They should lower the drop rate of Blood shards and thats it, problem solved.
    Do you really think that they keep the gambling drop rates this way AND raise the limit?? So that is why I dont understand the whole thing, we go back where we were last time, the only difference is the number of BS you can collect. Congrats…Thats smart.

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