Blizzard’s headquarters are located in Irvine, California. That’s just south of Los Angeles, but lest you think that California’s all Hollywood and celebrities and weirdos, let me assure you otherwise. Most of Southern California, especially south of LA, is very conservative and old fashioned. It’s therefore interesting to see when Blizzard and Blizzcon gets coverage from the local media, who know that their elderly readers’ only experience with video games likely comes when they buy some for their grandchildren’s birthdays.

    Here’s a good example, with a long and quite interesting article about Blizzcon, in the Orange County Business Journal. Right there alongside other fascinating local business news from their front page, such as Analyst Downgrades QLogic on Slowing Demand From Server Makers, Medtronic Gets Trial Approval for Heart Valve Being Developed in Irvine, and Nursery Operator Hines Files for Bankruptcy, as Expected.

    The writer, who had to be thrilled to cover something interesting for a change, interviewed Blizzard COO Paul Sams and got some good quotes, and the article explains what Blizzcon is, why fans care, and how it fits into the local community. If you’ve got friends or family who don’t really follow gaming and you want to give them a sense of what Blizzcon means, you could do worse than to forward them this article. A few quotes, offered in the expectation that you’ll read the whole thing yourself.


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