BlizzCon Virtual Tickets On Sale

You have maybe noticed this already but just in case here’s a quick reminder that the BlizzCon virtual tickets are now on sale for the price of £24.99 here in the UK.

This is the best way to watch the action from BlizzCon if you can’t afford to actually attend. It also means you can slouch in a chair or on a sofa and watch it in your underpants if you so desire.

The coverage is usually pretty good with the only drawback being you can’t go hands-on with all the new stuff. Still, it’s worth it if you can’t make it to Anaheim.

A quick note if you;re wondering where Flux is, he’s been moving house this week so has been a bit tied up with that.

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  1. You also receive the In game items on the PTR after purchase , after I bought the ticket I hoped into the Ptr and got 3 goodies- Murlock portrait frame- Murlock goblin pet holding a blizzcon banner- a blizzcon pennant with what looks like a frozen crown on top?? Maybe expansion related I don't know

    • Screenshots plz! :)Blizzard is, as per usual, drop-feeding us the info so – no word on the wirtual goodies yet. It would be nice info leak for the diabloii page.

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