GamePron has posted a short video interview with Diablo III Lead World Designer DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky. The interview is largely about DiabloWikilore, character design, and backstory, with some summary of the new info about DiabloWikiRunestones and DiabloWikiArenas.

    Nothing new comes about those topics, but this one is worth watching for the amusingly-awkward moment around the 1:25 point, when the female interviewer asks if the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter is so sexy on purpose, and if the D3 Team are worried about getting complaints that her breasts are too large after there were complaints that the female DiabloWikiMonk‘s breasts were too small.

    Leonard’s like, “Um… She has a nice silhouette… I don’t think they’re um… over the top.”  Over the top… of her corset! *rimshot*

    Thanks to FMulder for the tip.

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