During last weekend’s Blizzcon coverage, the DirectTV hosts spent a juicy, 25-minute segment with DiabloWikiJay Wilson live on their set, and you can watch the whole thing in the videos below. It’s all Jay for the first 10 minutes, and they cover the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter‘s development (the class was still a ranger as of last year’s Blizzcon), spend time trying to pin Jay down on a game progress report, and get into some good details about the DiabloWikiBattle Arena‘s development and balancing. During this segment Jay states definitely that Diablo III will not be DiabloWikieSport, since it will never be balanced evenly enough for that.

    They then cut to a pre-produced segment with DiabloWikiChris Metzen, in which he talks about the development of Diablo III’s story and how it’s his favorite universe of the various Blizzard franchises to write for. A quote from Metzen:

    We decided early on in the development process to push as resonant a story as we could find. The Diablo gameplay is pretty simplistic; you’re just clicking like a madman. Through the games we’d published before, the storyline doesn’t often run all that deep. Because the demands of gameplay. You want to move quickly and not get caught in a lot of exposition.

    This time around we talked quite a bit about how to layer in the story. How to really make the level of player immersion deeper, without sacrificing the gameplay.

    Jay then picks up the plot/DiabloWikistory topic with the hosts, and the last five minutes are all good stuff, as Jay talks about the magnitude of the all-out demonic war on the human world that we’ll see in Diablo III. This time it’s not just a few of the DiabloWikiPrime Evils roaming around, wreaking havoc. It’s a full-on demonic invasion, of a scale that dwarfs anything seen in the previous games.

    The whole interview is excellent, and thanks to permaximum for the original link, from a thread where quite a bit of debate about this movie has already gone on.

    Incidentally, all three of these files are housed in our Diablo III YouTube channel, which has everything you could want from this year’s Blizzcon (and before!). All the panels, all the Diablo dev interviews, gamplay movies, cinematics, the Blizzcon contest videos, and much more. We’re on a push to hit 1000 subscribers, so if you like it, join up. It’ll make it easier for you to find the new files we’re constantly adding to the best collection of Diablo videos online.

    Here’s part one; click through for parts two and three.

    Part Two: Jay Wilson on progress reports and Chris Metzen on story.

    Part Three: Jay Wilson on Diablo III’s story:

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