BlizzCon 2010 tickets went on sale 25 minutes ago, and just like last year, they went fast. All tickets available in this first batch have already sold out. If you missed out, you’ve got a second chance coming up on Saturday @ 10am, California time. Remember, Blizzard time is -8 GMT, so calculate accordingly for your international location.

    The spots went almost instantly, people in the same room report connecting simultaneously, and finding themselves thousands of places apart in the queue. As ZeroSkin commented on our earlier post on this issue:

    Ok, I just refreshed constantly until I was given the option to buy tickets, clicked purchase within roughly 2 seconds, ended up being 14,000 on the queue – didn?t even come close.

    There are some success stories already in the comments to this post, but it’s literally a split/second challenge. You might consider getting some friends to help you try; even if they don’t want to go they can buy them for you, and multiple people improves your odds.

    Update: Almost as fast as we predicted back in April!

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