As everyone knows by now, Blizzcon tickets sold out in a blink. Literally.

    A staff member of IncGamers tried the new system and refreshed the site every second before sales opening. Four seconds after the sales had started, the queue was over 2.500 buyers long, and 10 seconds later the queue was full. The actual queue time to pay the tickets took about 30 minutes. Every fan in the queue could buy up to five tickets.

    There will be another batch (of unknown size) on sale on May 30th, but clearly if you want to get a ticket, you’ve got to be there the second they go on sale. If you can’t wait, or have the $ to burn, there are lots of tickets on eBay, though they’re expensive, and some of the offers sound kind of suspicious. Let the buyer beware. If free is more your price, keep your eyes open for giveaways coming up soon on various Blizzard fansites; we’ve got 3 tickets to give out here, and will do so later this month.

    In another sign that all things Blizzard are scorchingly hot, the Diablo II Battlechest remains one of the top 10 selling game titles, in the #9 slot for April 2009, nearly 9 years after the game was released. Various WoW expansions and packs dominate the chart, holding down slots 1, 3, 6, 12, and 14. Even the Starcraft Battle Chest is on the chart, at #13. Other companies still make PC games, right?

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