Nethaera informed Diii.net to alert our fans with the following flash news.  Tickets are scheduled to go on sale specifically at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, Saturday, May 16.

    Just in case Saturday, May 16 isn?t circled on your calendar, here?s a quick reminder that BlizzCon tickets will be going on sale tomorrow. After our gnomish engineers here in Southern California get to work and finish making the final preparations late Saturday morning, they?ll activate the ticket-purchase process at 10 a.m. Pacific time and BlizzCon tickets will officially go on sale. If you are unable to purchase tickets tomorrow, a second batch of tickets will go on sale May 30. And for those unable to attend the show, in-depth coverage of BlizzCon will also be offered by DIRECTV as a Pay Per View event, available both via satellite and Internet stream.

    BlizzCon 2009 will take place August 21 and 22 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and tickets cost $125 each. For further information about the convention, check out the official BlizzCon site, and keep an eye on the ticket sales page tomorrow for the chance to get yours.

    Check out the following thread for any new updates.

    Pay Per View event: http://www.blizzard.com/blizzcon/partners/directv.xml
    official BlizzCon site: http://www.blizzard.com/blizzcon/
    ticket sales page:


    BlizzCon Debit and Credit Card Purchases

    There have been concerns in regard to the use of debit and credit cards for purchasing BlizzCon tickets that we would like to address.

    One primary concern is whether or not certain debit cards will be able to make a purchase. The system being used for the BlizzCon ticket sale is slightly different than the one used for the BlizzCon store, or for World of Warcraft subscriptions. That said, as long as the debit card can pass full authorization to our standards like a credit card, and it has the balance available, it *should* work for placing BlizzCon ticket orders. As always, some exceptions apply.

    If you are concerned about your own card, we strongly advise contacting your banking institution before attempting to make your purchase, to discuss any possible restrictions that may apply to your card or in any way hinder our attempt to authorize the card. Some institutions will not fully process a large transaction if they believe there may be fraudulent charges being applied. If the bank declines the card, our system cannot retry the same transaction, and the customer would have to try again.

    If a card fails to authorize, and that card is retried multiple times, it can result in mutliple temporary charges showing against the account balance. These temporary “held funds” look like duplicate charges, but get released after a certain period (can be days or weeks, depending on the banking institution). If a card can’t fully pass validation to get the order placed, please be wary of accumulating X number of $125+ transactions that can temporarily ?hold funds? against your card limit.

    Please don?t forget our Billing & Account Support information as well.


    Billing & Account Support – Sat. 5/16 & 5/30

    Blizzard’s Billing and Account Services team will be open for special weekend hours on Saturday 5/16 and Saturday 5/30, between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm PDT.

    Our goal with these special hours is primarily to support BlizzCon ticket sales when they open on these days. While our support team is *not* able to place BlizzCon ticket orders directly over the phone (these must be done through the website), we will be able to assist with:

    • Answering general questions about the BlizzCon purchase process.
    • Battle.net account creation and login (necessary for users to place ticket orders)
    • Normal World of Warcraft account support

    The toll-free US number for Billing & Account Services is 1-800-592-5499. International and Latin American users should please visit our full Contact page ( http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?articleId=20606 ) for international calling numbers.

    For full information on the ticket purchase process, please see our Ticket Sales info page:

    We look forward to assisting you!


    Blizzard Billing & Account Services

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