At the start of the weekend we kicked off a competition to win pairs of tickets to DiabloWikiBlizzCon 2013. We had some great entries but like all contests a winner has to be selected making everyone else losers. Sorry, no easy way to break it to you guys.

    The winner of our Twitter contest was Phenix with his suggestion of a name for Diablo and his brothers’ band – we went with The Soulstone Brothers.

    Sutasafaia won the contest here to pick a monster from Diablo 3 to take him to BlizzCon.  He went with:

    zombie needs some lovin'

    Just Hold Me

    If I had to bring a monster I think I would bring the very first zombie from act one that you kill.

    Why? Because somebody needs to give that poor zombie a hug, do you know how much it must suck to be the very first monster in an ARPG? I doubt that thing has ever killed anybody. Ever.

    And the random contest was on our Facebook page and that was to identify the level in this image and Jason Burkey’s name was first correct answer out the hat.

    Congratulations to the winners, we hope (and are pretty sure) you and your chosen +1 will enjoy BlizzCon and don’t forget to come back and share with the rest of us what Reaper of Souls was like to play.

    To Those Who Didn’t Win

    If you didn’t win, don’t worry we will bring you all the Reaper of Souls coverage from the show floor — we will collect all home-grown content as well as external coverage such as interviews and videos on our BlizzCon 2013 Coverage page. Why not join us in our Chat Room or Forum and discuss the revelations about Reaper of Souls.

    Make sure you don’t miss any of the panels by bookmarking our handy countdown page to all the BlizzCon panels which also indicates how long in your local time until each panel begins.

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