Blizzcon Ticket Contest Reminder

Here’s a reminder; our “item garden” contest to win tickets to Blizzcon runs for another week. Drop items in a game, take a screenshot, and upload it. You could win! The “best” two pictures, and one random entry, will get a ticket to Blizzcon (which you are free to pass on to a friend, if you can’t make it).

Read the contest rules, view some example shots, and upload your entry to the contest folder.

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1 thought on “Blizzcon Ticket Contest Reminder

  1. What I find most amusing about the lust, nay *requirement* for fancy graphics is how fickle it is.

    Bashiok mentions Diablo II being behind the 3D graphics curve in 2000. Do you remember the ultra-hot, cutting-edge games of 2000? The likes of Hitman and Soldier of Fortune. I guarantee you that the gaming press was absolutely gushing over these at the time, playing them on a blazingly fast GeForce 2. Still think they look good?

    Cutting-edge graphics have a shelf-life measured in months. Still! I mean, I hear people now whining about how a game from two years ago looks like crap because it doesn’t have [insert latest tech buzzword here].

    Which isn’t to say that graphics don’t matter. Attractive graphics can be appreciated years down the road, just as the original Star Wars holds up with its tasteful special effects, which were extremely impressive 30 years ago, but have aged well. Master of Magic still looks good, to give one example, even though it’s ancient (1994). Maybe it’s because you can more or less pretend it’s a board game. Old 3D games, the kind made in the very early days of 3D acceleration (I’m thinking Myth in particular), really don’t age well. I can still fire up Diablo II, and the biggest problem I have with the graphics is that they’re too damn small now in windowed mode.

    TL;DR -> if you (developer or gamer) are treating good games as disposable entertainment, ur doin it rong

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