BlizzCon Schedule Live. Worst for Diablo yet

BlizzCon Schedule Live. Worst for Diablo yet

Blizzard was not kidding when they said they would have nothing for Diablo at this year’s BlizzCon. Both the Friday and Saturday schedules are out.

I have joked about the lack of Diablo coverage at BlizzCon in the past but this year Blizzard has come out fighting and put even less on show. Tucked away between all the eSports and WoW stuff are two tiny slivers of time slots for Diablo. You will be able to enjoy the following whole one hour of Diablo stuff over two days.

  • Friday 2:45 – 3:15 Diablo III – Visual Effects of the Necromancer
  • Saturday 2:45 – 3:15 Exploring Diablo’s Community

If there was ever a year not to buy a Virtual Ticket as a Diablo player it’s this year. One day my friends, one day, Diablo will be back in force. When that will be is anyone’s guess but don’t cancel any engagements while this year’s BlizzCon is on because there’s nothing to see.

If you want to check the schedule it’s can be found here, and in related news, there are more video previews now live some of which you can only watch with a virtual ticket.


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    19 thoughts on “BlizzCon Schedule Live. Worst for Diablo yet

    1. They -do- have a label, you need to click on them to see it as they are only a 30 minute time slot with a long name.

      They are:
      Friday 2:45 – 3:15 Diablo III – Visual Effects of the Necromancer
      Saturday 2:45 – 3:15 Exploring Diablo’s Community

      But yes, pretty slim offering this year. Here’s to hoping next year has a big announcement.

    2. This is very disappointing. One of the games that put them on the map, and they cant even give it a nice showing at their premiere event. In my mind, Diablo was a Blizzard North thing, and the people at Bizzard now are treating it like a red headed step child. All they care about is money now, plain and simple, and if there is not a way to have a continuous money stream coming in from a game, even after the original purchase, ActiBlizz sees it as not important.

      • “Red headed step child.” You know, as an Irish ginger, I should be angry at that comment. But it’s true what Blizzard are doing.

        • As a red-haired dutchman: don’t be such a pussy, it’s just a historical stereotype meant to be funny in this context… And it has certainly felt like it the last few years, Diablo 3 still could have lots of potential, but we’ll never see it I’m afraid, I really hope their next attempt at a Diablo game will be better!

    3. Exploring Diablo’s community? What the hell does that even mean?

      Are they going to don hazmat suits and wade through the toxic waste that gets sprayed all over the forums?

      • I thought I’d heard everything already, but that (Exploring Diablo’s Community) made me spit out my drink.

        Exploring Diablo’s Community is something I do every week when I visit this site, reddit, etc . . .

    4. All my disappointment came when they pre-announced the lack of Diablo last week.
      That is less time than I expected even after the announcement last week though.
      They could have done a 1 hour Q & A though, people always have questions.
      They are working on something though, so I have high hopes for next year.
      I think we will get an announcement of a new class sometime next year and the release before 2019, with a the next game announce at BlizCon 2019. That is my prediction.

      • They really need to get on with a new game. I would be happy if they just put D3 to rest and not bother with any more classes.

    5. I abandoned the game sometime last year yet occasionally visit this forum just to stay in touch with the continued decent into oblivion D3 has become.

      You could seriously cut&paste the comments from the last 2 years blizzcon announcements into this years.. yet you guys still appear to play the game hope for something more? Definition of insanity.

      • How many years since Diablo 2 launched, and we still players playing this?
        (Hint: Year 2000). So over 17 years.

        How many players will still play Diablo 3 in 17 years time (by Year 2029)?
        Not many players will be playing Diablo 3 by then.

        Blizzard should make Diablo 4 more to the likes of Diablo 2.
        Especially with no mandatory internet connection, so that the Diablo community can MOD it!

        We rest our case 😉

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