There have been a ton of news items posted from and about Blizzcon. We’ll compile them all once we have a chance (as we did last year with 100+ links), but for now here’s a selection of the stuff worth reading from the past couple of days. More reports will be filed in the days to come, especially by us, since we’ve got tons more info to post, once we have time to write it up. (We have hover info for every skill in the game, plus I got over an hour play time on all 4 chars, and will discuss them accordingly.) In the meantime, you can while away your time discussing the bearded one in our new Monk forum.

    These links are roughly in recommended order of reading; the bigger/better ones on top.

    • All the Monk skills detailed, with play testing info.
    • IncGamers, GossipGamers, ShackNews, BlendGamers, and many others have reported on Blizzard President Mike Morhaime’s comment that the two Blizzard titles we’ll see in 2010 are SC2 and WoW:Cataclysm. So 2011, and counting, for D3?
    • Monk Hands on reports: IGN PC, Gamespy, GamePlanetNZ, ShackNews,
    • IGN interviewed Jay Wilson and got some good answers.
    • Atomic MPC interviewed Lead World Designer Leonard Boyarsky and Lead Artist Christian Lichtner.
    • Gamespot, The Escapist posted a transcript from Saturday’s WoW/D3 press-only panel Q&A.We filmed this one; video soon to come.
    • 1up.com, WiiSpace.com, JoyStiq.com, and many others have reported on the fact that Blizzard is actively investigating the possibility of a console port version of Diablo 3.
    • Kotaku posted informatively about day one of Blizzcon.
    • LegitNews posted an interesting feature about all of the vendor booths set up inside of Blizzcon.
    • The OC Register has a nice article on families and friends attending Blizzcon. Show it to your girl/boyfriend who didn’t want to go this year.
    • The full transcript of Saturday’s open D3 Q&A panel.
    • ShackNews posted about Blizzard’s plans for “LAN-like” support for SC2, and how this could be extended to D3.
    • Kotaku on the Blizzcon Costume Contest.
    • ShackNews posted about the Monk Panel.
    • Gaming Front posted about the Monk’s announcement and panel discussion.
    • The Tucson Adviser’s video game blog has a very short Blizzcon Day 1 wrap up.

    Bonus joke that was everyone’s favorite at Blizzcon: “What do you call the female Monk? The nun?”

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