Fresh image uploads by agentbilly and me have our Blizzcon 2010 gallery nicely fitted out. There are new images of some of the statues around the show, a bunch of pics of the D3 play stations, usually with happy players playing, and some pics I put together of the custom-made D3 signage, for the PvP and the PvM demos.

    Click through to the gallery to see all the images, and later this week we’ll be posting some great shots of new concept art from the Blizzard Museum at the show. They didn’t have as much never-before-seen art as they did last year, (and last year’s stuff wasn’t on display again either) but there were some character art and monster concepts that have never been seen online.


    As was the case last year, Blizzard had a special in-game drop that would win the lucky player a signed DiabloWikiDemon Hunter poster. As was the case last year, far fewer of these were found than there were posters, and a huge stack remained, sitting unclaimed atop a table in the center of the play area, late Saturday night. No, begging didn’t win you one. I tried. As did a female friend of mine. No, you had to get lucky, and that’s how Agentbilly’s girlfriend got one, which he was kind enough to send us a picture of. (The poster, not the girlfriend.)

    Blizzard gave away a Monk poster signed by the dev team for a similar special drop last year. See it here and here.

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