Continuing where yesterday’s big news wrap post left off, here are another bunch of post-Blizzcon reports from around the web, once again listed in something approximating a descending order of recommendation.

    • G4TV has posted an excellent, lengthy interview with Jay Wilson from Blizzcon. Jay covers end game variety, itemization, the Monk, and lots more. A must read.
    • StuffNZ has posted a thorough preview of D3, based on Blizzcon observations and play time.
    • The OC Register has posted an interesting video interview from Blizzcon. In this one they asked a number of Blizzard employees what they get out of Blizzcon, and the answers are worth listening to. The link is here, and the video is also embedded below.
    • Kotaku’s posted their hands on with the Monk article. It’s superficial, but worth a look.
    • Tamer Asfahani, my co-pilot and camera man for our exclusive Blizzcon interview, has posted a general interest piece on the BBC about Blizzcon.
    • GamePlanetNZ posted the transcript of a lengthy interview with Rob Pardo about Battle.net 2.0 features.
    • The Escapist has a nice piece discussing the connections and mutual admiration between PopCap Games and Blizzard Entertainment.
    • The Onion’s AV club posted a write up of Blizzcon and the games seen therein.
    • Tom’s Hardware has posted a short editorial that (sort of) takes Jay Wilson to task for saying that M-rated fantasy games like D3 are fine for younger children (such as his nine year old daughter) to play. (The last time we posted about a concern-trolling Tom’s Hardware editorial it spurred a lot of debate, so you guys may enjoy this one as well.)
    • LegitReviews has posted a collection of cute Blizzcon cosplayers, most of them female. Much like this post of links, the ones you really want to see are found at the top.
    • FearNet.com got some hands-on with D3 @ Blizzcon, and they’ve posted a short, somewhat critical, write up.
    • The LA Times posted a short write up about Blizzcon with some mentions of Diablo 3.


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