It’s been a while since Blizzcon, and a while since we saw any reports from that event, but there’s a “new” one up on Game Shark. The write up is fairly brief, but if you crave all known Diablo 3 reportage, then you’ll want to check it out. A quote from page two:

    A strong defense is important for a vulnerable melee class. The monk has this covered with its Impenetrable Defense, a force field of sorts that rebounds ranged attacks. During my trek through the desert I encountered a few bug-like creatures that tried to assault me from afar. They failed since their attacks bounced harmlessly off my giant purple glowy ball and ricocheted back toward them.

    Hordes of enemies rushing towards you at once may strike fear in the hearts of normal folk, but not for the monk. The Seven-sided Strike is a powerful area of effect attack that can take out clusters of mobs with ease. A few times I found myself surrounded by nasties, but I disposed of them quickly. I rarely made it out unscathed though and usually found myself at half health. Then again, that might just be due to my lack of skill as a player and not the fault of the game mechanic.

    The Diablo III playable demo was very short but left a positive impression. It left me thirsting for more, which is obviously a good sign. Sadly, being that this is a Blizzard game, we?ll likely have to wait a significantly long time before we can get this long anticipated three-quel into our hands.

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