Blizzcon Media Coverage

After posting dozens of news items, gameplay reports, screenshots, and much more about this year’s BlizzCon, readers were left with a bewildering array of links and news stories. Which are the juiciest ones, with the best info? These. We’ve sifted through all of the coverage and selected the best and most useful links to enshrine on our long-running Media Coverage page. There are upwards of 70 links to various coverage, sorted into handy subsections, such as Interviews, Screenshots/Movie, Game Reports, and Panel Coverage.

Here’s what the Interviews section, looks like, just to give you a taste. Click to the Media Coverage page for the full coverage of… everything.

  • Jay Wilson @ Jay talks about violence in D3, parental guidance, and much more.
  • Jay Wilson @ G4TV. Issues covered include end game variety, itemization, the Monk, and lots more.
  • Jay Wilson @ The Orange County Register.
  • Jay Wilson @ IGN. Long interview.
  • Julian Love and Kevin Martens @ Questions cover cinematics, act design, act boss battles, beta testing, and much more.
  • Julian Love and Kevin Martens do a group fansite interview.
  • Leonard Boyarsky @ Slashdot, talks about integration and other technical issues.
  • Leonard Boyarsky and Christian Lichtner @ Atomic PC.
  • Leonard Boyarsky and Kevin Martens @ Interview covers D3’s plot and lore, Monk weapons, and much more.
  • Rob Pardo @ GamePlanetNZ on 2.0 features.
  • Greg Canessa @ ShackNews, speaking about 2.0.
  • Paul Sams @ Blizzard’s COO talks about future plans for

Or, if you prefer your content unsorted, you can just browse through the dozens of burgeoning news posts in our Blizzcon 2009 category.

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