This chat will begin at 9am, PDT, one hour before the show opens. The chat mods will be watching the PPV live stream and offering instant updates on the new info from the various Diablo 3 panels. We’ll also have Blizzcon attendee reports, and of course there are beta testers in the chat if you’ve got questions about the beta or want to talk general Diablo stuff.

    Click through to view the chat window. This chat will end around midnight Friday. Day two chat will begin at 9am Saturday morning and run all that day.

    CoveritLive Chat Rules

    Type your comment into the box. All reader comments are seen by the moderators, who will approve all useful comments so everyone can read them. (We often have thousands of people at once in these chats, so there has to be some moderation.) People with good stuff to say will be promoted so all their comments go live at once.

    • Opening ceremonies at 11:30am Friday morning, are free to live stream.
    • Full Blizzcon 2011 schedule.
    • Diablo 3 panel: Gameplay & Auction House: 4:45-5:45 Friday evening.

    Blizzcon 2011 Friday Live Chat

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