Blizzcon Interview: Wyatt Cheng and Rob Foote

Blizzcon Interview: Wyatt Cheng and Rob Foote

Well known Monk player and streamer Quin69 conducted an interview with Wyatt Cheng and Rob Foote at Blizzcon last weekend, and he has now posted the video for all to see. Topics include density lag, paragon points cap (no), Augmented Gem options, loot tables, Area Damage, Rift variety/density/balance, LMB and RMB mapping options, UI mods and add ons, and microtransactions on the US/EU servers.

Lots of good questions, many of them artfully dodged by the devs, as you can see for yourself. Blizzcon Interview: Wyatt Cheng and Rob Foote.

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6 thoughts on “Blizzcon Interview: Wyatt Cheng and Rob Foote

  1. Incredibly disappointing, but not surprising. Rob Foote was beyond useless in the interview, even looking visibly uninterested at times.

    There is a serious cultural problem at Blizzard and Wyatt exemplifies this perfectly. Blizzard don’t take responsibility for unintended consequences of THEIR design decisions. Ultimately they are awful at inspiring confidence and perhaps that’s due to the fact that there is little to zero competition in the industry or to the franchise (many PoE players bought D3 & vice versa).

    Quin, who obviously isn’t a journalist, did a remarkably good job probing them on specific points. I enjoyed how the devs dodged the lag question suggesting that incremental efforts are being made while Quin poignantly remarks “so the issue will be fixed”?

    I think customers forget that this is the company who just purchased a mobile gaming franchise for $5.9 Billion – yet continue use ancient server infrastructure for Diablo3 that results in Hardcore player deaths, client timeouts, and perhaps the best which is the new reliance upon ‘anti-lag’ builds to further progress within Greater Rifts.

    Rant aside, I am happy with (albeit small) QoL advancements being implemented in addition to all said content unveiled for patch 2.4.

  2. I can’t figure out why Chen keeps lying about loot tables. They exist and it’s been proven already. He keeps dismissing it as observational bias, hoping people will believe him. Nobody is buying it dude! just come out and admit the Asian hackers figured you out!

  3. Huh, and here I thought Blizz had changed their D3 ways. Nice to see they’re sitting down to interviews with botters now too.

    • Wow – you are such a ignorant. This guy (Quin69) is fighting with his whole power against people who use bots. At Blizzcon he insulted pretty damn good RedX who recently been caught botting by mistake on stream. Showed him hell of a disapproval (Live on stream).
      Quin69 never been botting and never will !

  4. Patch 2.4 is downloading right now. 🙂

    Get ready to share games as the numbers of people wanting to play will result in 10 hour waiting time to create games.

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