PCGamesN has posted a an article about an interview they conducted at Blizzcon with Josh Mosqueira and Travis Day. The article is very brief, just a couple of paragraphs summarizing some of the interview conversation, but there’s one interesting bit about Reaper of Souls’ content-rich free patches:

    When discussing how to monetise after Reaper of Souls, it was Mike Morhaime that told the team to “just release the stuff for free.” Mike apparently said that it was about winning back the hearts and minds of people who were disappointed with the original release.

    When I posited that I always felt there was an apologetic tone to the massive patches, Josh said that while it may appear that way from the outside, for them it was about pride – having pride in their product, and it being up to Blizzard’s usual massive standards. That was the core of why Mike pushed towards free patches, not letting anything get in the way of restoring that.

    Free content forever?

    Free content forever?

    The patches have greatly improved the game (in the opinion of most fans) and it’s nice to hear official logic for it, and reassuring for those of us who keep wondering why they’re not monetizing, and how long they can keep going like this.

    Talking to Wolfpaq on the new podcast, I put forth the theory that the lack of a D3X2, and seeing so much content in patches, means we’ll never get a second expansion pack. Wolfpaq didn’t agree and thought maybe Bliz was just taking their time working on it, or delaying it since they’ve got so many other brand new and upcoming game releases.

    He has a point and might even be correct about the scheduling, but also consider this theory. Blizzcon Interview: Josh Mosqueira on Free Patches.

    Blizzard admittedly rushed out patches after D3’s release, and hurried as fast as they could get out Reaper of Souls, since the original D3v game was lacking in many ways. Many of us assumed the developers would push quickly on to a second expansion, and that since we haven’t seen it yet, we’re not going to. Perhaps instead of that, the devs are working to redeem D3’s reputation with quality free patch content, easily paying the bills with the millions of D3 console sales, and biding their time, letting anticipation build (and fans embittered by D3v forget the intensity of their disappointment) for D3X2, which will come… sometime. Soon?

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