G4TV has posted a video interview with DiabloWikiJay Wilson from Blizzcon, It’s a little overproduced with lots of edits and gameplay footage spliced in constantly, but after a slow start with panel info recap about the characters, it picks up speed. The last half is excellent, with new info and explanations about DiabloWikiskills, DiabloWikiRunestones, DiabloWikiTraits, the DiabloWikiTalisman, and more. I transcribed a bit, which you can read below.

    Click the embed to watch the whole thing yourself.

    “We love Runestones. We initially had five of them, and they were very literal about what they did. ‘Like this is the damage rune and this is the multistrike rune.’

    What we found as we were developing runes was that we wanted to do lots of crazy stuff with them. When you take DiabloWikiMagic Missile and you put in the multistrike rune and it splits into multiple missiles, that makes sense. but when you look at a skill like DiabloWikiZombie Charger; it’s a disintegrating acid DiabloWikizombie that runs at the enemy, how do you fit DiabloWikizombie bears into that? which is one of the skills we really wanted to do. A big stampede of zombie bears! We couldn’t figure out which Runestone worked with that. So we changed them to be a bit more general. They still have labels that sort of imply what they do; the DiabloWikiCrimson rune tends to be more damage focused. The DiabloWikiIndigo rune tends to be more multishot. But if we ever need to break the rules to get more what we want, we can.

    We couldn’t show them last year since we didn’t have enough skills in place, but now we do.

    …We wanted more customization, and we wanted customization that really spoke to the idea that, ‘I’m going to roleplay my character and focus in one area.’ Skills are really awesome, but when players think of who they are as a character, they don’t tend to think of, “I like to Whirlwind.’ They’ll use DiabloWikiWhirlwind with their DiabloWikiBarbarian, but it’s not how they define themselves. They think, ‘I’m a Barbarian who’s exceptionally strong or exceptionally tough!’ And that’s what traits are. The affect the core attributes of your character to let you customize and expand them.

    For the Barbarian a we can focus on DiabloWikiInner Rage, which really defines who he is. For the DiabloWikiWizard we can focus on something more magical in nature. So it’s a great oppotunity to tell the player more about their character.


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