A fan sought some hints about Blizzcon info from @Diablo today. And was firmly repelled.

    Any hints as to what the major D3 news might be during Blizzcon 2010 apart from 5th class reveal which everyone knows is coming?—RageBar

    nope!! —Diablo

    Happily, @Diablo isn’t our only source of info for what we might learn at Blizzcon. A good place to look is all of the Jay Wilson interviews from Gamescom, when he regularly replied to questions about various matters by saying that he couldn’t get into details on that yet—but that he would soon. There’s no guarantee that BlizzCon = soon in regards to every type of info, but… could be?

    Here are a few things Jay said “can’t talk about yet” during the Gamescom interviews:

    • DiabloWikiNPC details. Including DiabloWikiHireling info.
    • DiabloWikiPVP details. Of any kind.
    • Diablo III’s online financial model. (Won’t hear about this until shortly before release, ALA SC2.)
    • Special player rewards, including B.net DiabloWikiAchievements.
    • Stats and character customization systems. (The DiabloWikiTalisman?)
    • Trading and selling item system. (DiabloWikiAuction House?)
    • Diablo III’s backstory and plot and lore remains almost entirely undisclosed.
    • DiabloWikiItem Sets and ideas to “fix” them in D3.
    • Character non-mana resource systems.
    • Diablo III’s release date. (When it’s done.)

    All of those are literally taken straight from Jay’s interviews; I skimmed over our transcripts to compile this list. So, which do you think we’ll learn more about at BlizzCon? Which are you most interested in? And what knowledge do you covet that Jay wasn’t even asked about at Gamescom?

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