We recently posted news about how Aussies can watch BlizzCon on TV (for a very affordable price).  Word of that is trickling into the Australian gaming media, and has prompted a fairly amusing article on APC.

    To be honest, we’re not convinced a gaming conference is going to translate into Emmy-award winning television, especially considering it’s all live. Highlights might work, but shots of kids queuing up to play the Diablo III Beta might not be so enthralling.  But we also never thought we’d see our grandparents riding a Raptor mount to their weekly guild raid, yet Blizzard managed to make that a reality. And besides, even if it turns out to be sixteen hours of nerdy kids cheering along a bunch of nerdy Blizzard billionaires on stage, WoW fans will surely shell out the thirty bucks when they learn that subscribers to both days will get an exclusive in-game polar bear mount complete with flag-waving murloc.

    Sadly, D3 is nowhere near beta, and while we devoutly hope it will be on the show floor at BlizzCon, there’s been no official word on that from Blizzard. I’m certainly hoping for it, and you should too, ‘cause if there’s no D3 to play or watch, I’ll attend the D3 panels and spend the rest of the time sulking and nursing Tanqueray-based drinks by the hotel pool, where my gamer’s tan will blind young children at 20 paces.

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