BlizzCon hype show on Wednesday 13 September

BlizzCon may be a couple of months away still but Blizzard is getting started early with a special pre-event live stream.

With tickets sales and merchandising being as important as the games themselves for Blizzard these days, it’s no huge surprise that are kicking things off early this year. On Wednesday, September 13 at 12pm PT, a special live stream will be aired with Michele Morrow, Alex Albrecht, and Malik Forté. To anyone outside the US these names probably mean nothing but the site explains who they are.

The show will be highlighting changes to the virtual ticket this year and they will also be showing off the first in-game goodies that can be picked up with the ticket. Sounds super exciting.

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  1. Sounds super exciting ?? A Blizzcon without diablo news??

    • Have they actually said what is/isn’t on show yet? Sounds like this stream is just about trying to sell the virtual ticket. I think we usually don’t find out what is on show until the actual map/schedule is released?

      Really hoping for some Diablo news this year…

  2. expect nothing and you’ll be surprised 🙂

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