Blizzcon Goodies Continue to Appear

Even as the PAX articles proliferate, video interviews are still showing up from Blizzcon. Yes, that convention that ended two weeks ago. Don’t feel so impatient; in the old days before the Internet, when we had to get gaming news from print magazines, we wouldn’t even have heard of the Monk until November! (Mid-October in Korea.) Here are two new ones, with both videos embedded.

G4TV has posted a 3 minute video interview with Game Director DiabloWikiJay Wilson. It’s all about the DiabloWikiMonk; Jay’s interview is cut with footage from the Monk cinematic and gameplay action. There’s nothing you’ve not seen or heard before, but it’s a pleasing presentation.

Video Game – E3 2009 – X-Play

GameArena Oz posted a 14 minute BlizzCon video feature. There’s nothing specifically about D3, but they cut footage from panels with an interview with Rob Pardo and various scenes of the show floor. If you want general Blizzcon coverage with a Crocodile Hunter-flavored narration, this is your best bet.  Since the video won’t show properly once embedded, you’ll have to click through to view it.

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  1. All of the shrines were labeled “desecrated shrine”, and all gave the “shrine restored” before giving an additional effect sentence.

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