BlizzCon DiabloThis week I have read all kinds of garbage about BlizzCon and what might be in store for Diablo. Everything from Diablo 4 will be announced, “my friend told me Diablo 4 will be announced”, or “I have a source”.

    Yes, the rumour mill is in full spin and numerous sites have been joining in with all kinds of wild speculation and headlines. Clickbait it’s called.

    The general consensus is we’ll either hear of a new game, which may or may not be Diablo 4, or that Diablo 2 HD remaster that I know many of you would love to see happen. The final option is nothing at all which would not be good news for the franchise.

    Right now we have no real information to go on and everything is considered a rumour. The community has been speculating about what’s happening at Blizzard for a while in this thread which kicked off back in March prompted by job listings.

    We now have a BlizzCon 2016 info and tracking thread in the forums which has just kicked off with useful links and of course community comments. Feel free to add anything you spot or want to share in that thread which we’ll be keeping a close eye on prior to and during BlizzCon.

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